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I would argue the case that Doomsday doesn't have a mind, and thus would not be affected by, like, 50 percent of Lord Cthulhu's battle tactics. Who would win this one?

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Which "early Doomsday" you refer here?The one who kill Superman for the first time?

By the way,Cthulhu wins.Doomsday first appearence was no better than the 1960s green Hulk. I mean, Doomsday didn't even remotely live up to his hype for me. What did he do really? Threw a car high into the sky. So what? The Hulk, even in the 1960s and 1970s, could do that. Took shots that could take out a tank? What brick can't? Went on a rampage through cities and small towns leaving a path of destruction in his wake. The Hulk used to do that 12 times a year. In other words, Doomsday performed no feats of strength or toughness that the classic Hulk hasn't done. In fact, the Hulk's feats of strength and toughness far surpass anything Doomsday displayed in that collection (and I'm talking about the basic Hulk of the first decade or so of his existence as a character, not current Hulk).

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Well, Doomsday was in a fight that killed Superman, if not he killed Supes. Could Hulk do that? Take Superman to that limit, where he dies after the fight?

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Cthulhu would beat Doomsday. Early...Late...Classic...On Time... doesnt matter what version. Doomsday goes down to Cthulhu