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No prep

Neither have a great deal of knowledge of each other

Harry has all his powers he has or has had throughout the series

Dumbledore had the Elder Wand and is at his best

Harry has his standard gear except his handgun

Book versions of both

Fight takes place in Hogwarts

Win by death/knockout


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I would place Harry Dresden at an advantage over Dumbledore

Dumbledore clearly has the experience advantage, home court advantage, and the elder wand. These are all large bonuses; however, Harry has shown a level of improvisation and adaptability which can lead him to victory. To the best of my knowledge, magic within the Harry Potter series is much more focused and rigid in scope. Harry on the other hand has used his powers very creatively and effectively. Feat. - Harry once diverted and condensed the gravity of a huge miles long tract of land onto a single circle of ground a hundred meters across; everyone on the tract of land was lifted for an instant while the vampires within the circle were squished like bugs. Unfortunately Harry is forbidden from killing humans with magic but he would not shy away when his life is on the line. I foresee Dumbledore sticking with a predictable attack of death curses and perhaps a disarming spell once he realizes Harry is a Magician. Harry could easily deflect such attacks with his conjured shields. If disarmed Harry has other manners of attack such as his force rings, wand/blasting rod, and staff. Even when robbed of all magical aids, Harry can perform limited magic with just spoken words. Conversely, when Dumbledore loses his wand he is simply an old man; meanwhile, harry is in his prime, tall and fairly strong, and has been known to bludgeon enemies with his staff in moments of desperation. I would expect Harry to quickly finish Dumbledore with a powerful fire spell but nothing can be totally predicted. Worst case scenario Harry and Dumbledore have an extended fight in which Harry slowly tires ( he has a limited amount of magic) and Dumbledore ( I am under the impression has unlimited magic) begins to break his defenses. At this point Harry would unleash his death curse killing himself and Dumbledore in the process.

If Dumbledore can survive this Harry's semi divine dog Mouse comes and seeks revenge :)

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dredsen cuts off dumble doors head cause magic isn't real