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I'm just curious of how this thread will turn don't judge me.

Both are bloodlusted

Fight take place at Hogwarts

Who wins?

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Come on seriously? Dumbledore would be street level.

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Classical doctor strange stomps. Dumbledore is nothing compared to the power strange had in classical years

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Classic Strange takes his beard and his power.

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I wonder if the Killing Curse would work against Strange considering he has auto-shields. Anyway, Strange could fire off a Bolts of Bedevilment spell at Dumbledore and fry him before he knows what happened. Strange could also disarm Dumbledore using his martial arts training and break his arms.

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Strange stomps

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Well, the thread's too unfair..

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A stomp of mystic proportions.

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Classic Strange regularly embarrassed abstracts and fought the One above All's emissary, he is pretty much a hax win.

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Locked for mismatch.