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Dr. Strange(current)



Battle Rules: Morals Off. Win by KO or Death.

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Thor stomps

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Thor will kill Strange. It's not a fair fight.

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How will Thor kill Strange? Strange wins here.

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Idk if current strange has the power to beat thor. But it will be a close fight

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Current Strange is a tree buster.


Thor takes this.

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@PlasticBag said:

How will Thor kill Strange? Strange wins here.

Because these are current versions being used. Current Strange doesn't hold a candle to Classic Strange.

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Thor.He is A GOD!!! Hello!!!!

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Classic Strange could take down all of Asgard with his eyes closed.  Current Strange can be beaten by my Uncle Uldfrik.   
Classic Thor was stronger than a neutron star but still goes down like a chump, Current Thor beat something with the power of ten thousand gods.   
Yeah, current Thor bashes Strange's head in.

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Does Strange have access to his equipment?