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no prep win by k.o. or death who goes first who wins

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Gardener goes first and strange wins in my opinion.

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if Classic Dr Strange Cleans house

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I can only say that I hope that current Strange will be close to be as good as he was in old days. Also, it depends which version of Warlock. First without Sg, second with SG or last one?

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I agree...it depends on which version of Adam Warlock, and if he has the Soul Gem or not.....Gardner falls first regardless.........

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I believe the Eye of Agamotto > Soul Gem.

You can trap Eternity-like beings into the Eye as well as indirectly manipulating the soul. The Eye is all Seeing while the Soul Gem isn't. Eye give 1st person view, 3rd person view and bird's eye view with everything happening in the multiverse in every realm in every dimension.

The Soul Gem alone can not effect Eternity. Though it has a more direct effect on a soul, it usually sends that soul to the Soul World for manipulation. The Soul Gem does not see all things happening simutaneously throughout every dimension in the multiverse.

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Dr. Strange. Even if AW pull him in the soul realm I have no doubt that he could escape...

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1. Dr. Strange

2. Adam Warlock

3. Guy Gardner