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Dr.McNinja vs Cyclops

Doc slaughters a ship of pirates.
Modern Cyclops

Round 1: In Ultimate Kingpin's office an enclosed building at night, start off close range. ( Low amounts of cover, but a small environment.)

Round 2: Streets during the the day time, start off mid range. ( Large amount of cover, plenty of room to maneuver)

Round 3: Streets at night, start off long range. They are aware of each other, but don't know each others locations. (Lots of cover once again, and lots o room to maneuver)

Equipment(for all rounds) is standard. (Dr.McNinja has his swords and that's it. Cyclops has his visor.)

Morals On for all rounds

Win by any means

Both are convinced the other is a villain

Cyclops is pre AvX.

Dr.McNinja is current(although not in disguise)

Please give reasons for why you think a character wins.

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Props for using dr. McNinja in a versus. I dunno who wins.

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Some Doc feats

Dodging traps

Speed strikes(he's the mask quickly moving to the side, it's part of a trick)

Pirate slaughter in the dark


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@Decoy Elite: Not really sure that is enough to garner a win over Cyclops.

I think as far as speed and reflexes go, Doc does have the edge grabbing some arrows out of the air, but Cyclops has a few bullet dodging feats and has dodged a slash from Logan before since Logan has superior speed to him. While Wolverine was a bit out of it at the time, that doesn't necessarily hinder his stats and Cyclops did comment on his speed. So he shouldn't be helpless.

Cyclops knows how to fight blind too and considering Dr. McNinja did so and turned the lights out against pirates, whom I guessing are more thuggish than anything, whereas Cyclops has faced a large monster with a sword and blindfolded and faced a group of thugs himself, I'd say his skill showing as far as combat is on par if not more impressive.

I think round 1 goes to Cyclops. Despite starting at a shorter range, Cykes has managed to tag fast people like Beast, Wolverine, and Northstar. Given his spatial awareness, the fact he only needs to make a fist and fire a solid blast, I don't see McNinja dodging in a more confined area. And MN doesn't have the added benefit of knowing Cyclops' patterns or motifs which makes it harder to anticipate.

Round 2, he has the speed but at a longer range despite the cover, Cyclops still has a chance to tag him and considering Cykes' accuracy is pretty top notch (shooting multiple missiles out of the air, shooting holes in coins, Northstar tagging etc), he has the chance to get him again here.

Round 3. Cyclops isn't bad at stealth but he isn't the best. If McNinja can stalk him, he has this.

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Oh man, I haven't read Doctor McNinja in ages! I choose him because he's so ridiculous.

Thanks for reading,


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@god_spawn: McNinja has dodged bullets as well. The Death Volley feat is more to show his overall agility dodging multiple projectiles while fighting a single foe.) But whatever.

Round 1. Sounds feasible. Although McNinja is pretty dodgy I can see Cyclops getting a quick hit in. Although then again McNinja has dodged a laser eye blast before(although from a not so proven marksman.)

Round 2. McNinja's agility is his best asset, he often goes up again large groups at a time and comes out completely untagged. Not saying it'd mean a win, but he certainly is likely to make good use of cover.

Round 3. McNinja is a ninja so stealth is a strong point of his. And he has at least once stalked and killed security guard. And he has some other good stealth feats(sneaking up onto a pirate ship with ease before slaughtering the crew for instance)

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@Decoy Elite:

Cyclops has also dodged energy blasts from Black Tom Cassidy. Being a proven marksman is a big deal and Cyclops is a very underrated IMO as far as marksman go in the MU.

I have no doubt he could but Cyclops is always analyzing his opponents and given his spatial awareness in a setting where McNinja would have to traverse, I think he would be calculating something to get his shot off. He only needs one to change the tide.

Fair enough. While it isn't exactly against skilled opponents, if he is a stealth master then he could take it. Cyclops at least wins this 2/3 times.

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@god_spawn: McNinja's opponents have always been semi skilled. Sort of. The Pirates had been at war with ninjas for centuries and are thus semi skilled at facing them. He fought an army of youths that had taken drugs that gave them all the skills and stats of ninjas. And then there's that one time he punched out a robot Dracula and the time he took down a astronaut ghost with the ghost busters theme.

But I'll give you that Cyclops most likely wins. (For the record I didn't make this thread to call you out, I actually legit thought this was an interesting match up. >.>)

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@Decoy Elite:

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@god_spawn: Congrats, you beat no one.

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@Decoy Elite: GS-5 Decoy-0

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@god_spawn: Except I never thought Doc one, I was legitimately on the fence.

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@Decoy Elite: GS-1. Decoy's fence-0