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Takes place in the Savage Land. Starts 1 mile apart. No Heartseeker, no Gwen. Random encounter, standard rules.

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Am I the only Wheel of Time fan here?

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I hadn't even heard of it until I googled Lan's name

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One of the best fantasy series ever, bud. Only complaint some people have is they feel it is too long and a few of the middle books aren't as good. It's about to wrap up soon. More Tolkienesque than Game of Thrones in nature. It's my personal favorite.

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Also a big fan here. Great fight, to close to pick. Drizzt's other magic gear might give him the edge. I'd love to see more opinions on this.

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As someone who's read all the Drizzt novels, but only a few of the Wheel of Time books, I'd pick Drizzt. Especially since he's finally moved to adulthood (as far as Elves are concerned) and had a honing of 200 or 500 (can't remember I'd have to look in the books again but it was from the Transitions trilogy) years experienced we haven't seen all the potential from. So I'd have to go Drizzt, experience and equipment swing it for me. But again, only read a few Wheel of Time books.

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@GraniteSoldier: Lan does go through something of a transformation after his bond is broken. The result is that he is even more of a sword machine. The Warder bond gives him some physical advantages over most others. Drizzt is not most others, so I'm not sure that would be enough.

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I haven't read the most recent Drizzt novels, so if Drizzt was upgraded I am not aware of it. Remember, this isn't just a sword fight. Starts a mile apart and they are both excellent at stealth and tracking. It's unfortunate (and surprising to me) more people aren't familiar with WoT here.

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Drizzt. Rand at blademaster level can only handle 4 guys at once. Lan isn't that much above Rand in that sense. Drizzt I think can handle more (from what i hear, never read any of Salv's books) as well as better equipment.

This is only from what I hear so I am ignorant of all of Drizzt's feats.

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Lan is still better than Rand, and the guys Rand was battling simultaneously were all very skilled. Drizzt has also had problems with a single man (Artemis) multiple times as well as his father and certain others have been able to challenge him in single combat. I don't remember Drizzt battling multiple skilled opponents focused on him, to be honest. The closest I can remember was him taking his brother and sister down simultaneously, and he was in Hunter mode there and had the element of surprise if I recall correctly.