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sheperd is not werring his armor and does not have a fancy future gun just a regular one no prep time and there in a destroyed city

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Without Sheperd's tech advantage Nate takes the win.

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@nickzambuto: are you sure i mean nates really lacking in hand to hand and physical skill

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Nathan Drake is mostly effective at running away from his enemies and relying on natural/mechanical disasters to kill his enemies. Without the Deus Ex Machinima effect that has saved Drake on several occasions, Drake will lose almost immediately. Shepard is an N7 soldier and an Alliance specter. Another words, he is the baddest of the bad. Drake is a top notch fighter against common goons, but when faced with a compatible foe, he runs and uses the environment against his enemies.

Since Shepard is the only human before ME3 to become a specter, it's safe to say that he very well may be the most combat effective human alive in the mass effect universe.

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Sheperd takes this. Nate`s a good fighter but Sheperd is the better strategist and he is overall the better combatant.

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Shepard should stomp.

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but its not all the game you have to admit nate is a quick thinker and is clever

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This is a horrible stomp in favour of Shepherd, not only is considered one of Earth's best soldiers he is also an enhanced human.