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Dragonborn has ALL shouts, and a full set of Daedric armor

Armor enchants all combat skills by 30+

Combat Skills are all at base 100, every other skill is at 70

His weapons are


and Auriels Shield

as well as the Nightingale Bow with 30 Fire-enchanted Arrows


Infiltrator Shepard(Default Appearance of course)


Mantis Rifle(10 rounds)

Vindicator Assault Rifle(150 rounds)

Carnifax Hand Cannon(70 rounds)

Grenade Launcher(6 rounds)

No Biotic powers, but Tactical Cloak is legal

Starting distance: 100 yards, thick forest.

Both are Bloodlusted.

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All shouts probably won't do much to Shepard IIRC. He probably has tech that counters that.

If you gave Dragonborn his spells, then that would be a different story.

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Perhaps, if enough people believe it is lopsided, i will give him a small arsenal of spells. :)

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Shepard, but Dovakin has some good gear to keep him alive for a bit.

The shield could deflect Sheperds bolts, and the bow would be able to do small amounts of shield damage.

the Storm shout has the potential to do some large amounts of damage, but aside from that all other shots will do close to nothing to Shepard.

From a distance Shepard has too many chances to peg Dragon born, (even if he uses Whirl wind sprint), DB wont be able to block most of his blasts, and even with deadric armor he'll fall before he gets within 20 feet of Shepard.

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Based on the specifications, i think Shepard wins this. He could climb a tree, put on his Tactical Cloak and wait for the Dragonborn to come by, and then BANG sniper slug through the head.

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Is cooldown on? If not then it's a Dovahstomp. The Dragonborn has time manipulation abilities and Shepard has been shown to be vulnerable to fire-based abilities which the Dragonborn also has, not to mention he can call a Dragon, become untouchable, summon spirits, disarm Shepard, make him fearful and run, turn him into solid ice, and close gaps extremely fast. I'd say this is a mismatch unless you give Shepard biotics which even then I believe he still loses.

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@JamesKM716 said:

Based on the specifications, i think Shepard wins this. He could climb a tree, put on his Tactical Cloak and wait for the Dragonborn to come by, and then BANG sniper slug through the head.

Aura Whisper- Your Voice is not a Shout, but a whisper, revealing the life forces of any and all.

Shepard gets fus roh dah'd out of the tree and falls to his death.

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@Israphael: I never used that power ever. So it didn't occur to me. My Dovahkiin would get killed, and that's the only one i can properly judge.

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OP said all shouts, which just so happens, in the current situation to be a stomp.

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If the Dragonborn plays it smart he can win. Shepard could easily one shot the Dragonborn with his weapons if he sees him with that kind of distance. I think the Dragonborn's summons are pretty useless here, 1 shot from a grenade launcher will mess up a Dragon or any other summon. If the Dragonborn doesn't have any cooldowns than its a stomp for the Dragonborn as he will simply stay Ethreal and spam stuff witch Shepard could't do anything about it. A Soldier Shepard with maximum equipment from ME1 has a better chance than this version as the Soldier can also slow down time, Biotic Shepard would be something to watch, sadly we don't know how powerfull Shepard is with his Biotics (feats) we only see what Biotics can do in the Comics coming from Liara and Aria and they where pretty impressive. All in all dispite Shepard being at a disatvantage against an opponent with 50+ skills i still think he can pull it of if he keeps his distance and doesn't give the Dragonborn a chance to spam time altering abilities or whatever as i doubt the Dragonborn's armor won't stop a slug from a Sniper Rifle or a grenade launcher.

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@niBBit: Dragonborn can tank dragon fire and magic from Dragon Priests and go toe-to-toe with the Nordic God of Trials (Tsun), but he can't tank a single shot from a firearm? Also, I doubt a single shot from a grenade launcher would take down a dragon, especially not Odahviing or Durnehviir.

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Dragon born summons a dragon, then goes ethernal, then freezes sherpard and calls lightning like thor, and goes on to do all manner of **** to him. This is a stomp against the commander. Its unfair.

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@Israphael: And how do you know how strong Dragon fire is? Are the Dragon's scales made of titanium so that it can tank a grenade? Both in game and Lore powerfull warriors have been taken down by arrows and Dragons where also harmed by arrows and Grenade Launcher>>>>>Arrows. When you read some books you read about warriors who are equipt with powerfull armors like Orcish or Ebony but they also died from an arrow. Point is if an arrow can penetrate that said armor than i'm SURE an Sniper Rifle or a close range grenade laucher would mess him up.

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@niBBit: I would assume dragon fire is about as strong as regular fire even though it's magical. Which regular fire hurts Shepard plenty fine even with his shields. Alduin is supposedly destined to destroy all of Nirn and the Dragonborn stops him with the aid of 3 other spiritual warriors (which can be called upon in this fight.) So that sings to his power Although it could be argued that he didn't possess the power to because he wasn't granted it or that the legend is simply wrong outright. It wasn't wrong about him fighting the Dragonborn, however. Most of the arrows used are enchanted with magic to do any real damage. Those "warriors equipt with powerfull armors" you speak of are irrelevant. The Dragonborn can tank Draugr arrows like there's no tomorrow. Not to mention lorewise thu'um is OP "Nordic rulers needed no typical siege weapons when attacking a city, instead using the Voice to break down the city gate and allow their armies to storm in." - Children of the Sky

I believe he could tank grenades because he tanks fireballs and lightning. Honestly with the time manipulation it's a stomp.

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Shepard takes it in awesome points but sadly this is mismatch involving Dova winning.

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@Israphael: Uhm...i think you might be right. I forgot how powerfull the Thu'um is in Lore, heck even in the game when you go and meat the Greybeards there is one who is silent named Borri and the elder Greybeard explained that his Voice is so powerfull that he would kill a normal person when he speaks, heck when he opens his mouth the damn temple shakes, or when the Greybeards are calling you the entire mountain was shaking. Considering that the Dragonborn is fighting Dragons who are masters of the Voice i think indeed that the Dragonborn is far stronger that i originally thought. I could't wrap my mind around the Dragonborn being able to tank rifle fire but considering he fights against Dragons who also use the Thu'um and those Thu'ums are able to bring down entire city gates i think its possible for the Dragonborn to tank rifle fire.

I did even more Lore reading and damn...the Elders Scolls people are pretty pwoerfull :) When Mannimarco and Galerion fought with magic they both shook mountains, or that the Psiijic Order can litterly stop time with their Magic as seen when you do the Mages Quest in Skyrim. Yeah if its all correct and the Dragonborn can really take those hits than Shepard doesn't stand a chance here, if the Dragonborn doesn't have cooldowns.....STOMP!

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Biotic Sheperd would Pwn.

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Shepard's best move would be to use tactical cloak then snipe. I still think the dragonborn would wins

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If Dovahkiin's combat skills are maxed, he's pretty high level, meaning he can take a lot of abuse. Add magic heavy armor onto that, and he's got good protection to boot. I'm guessing he can probably take a few shots of that rifle, even to the head. All he has to do then is become ethereal and run in the direction the bullet came from. Shepard can't take Dovah in melee. This scenario is perhaps the most favorable for Shepard, since he gets the first attack in, and he can switch weapons and get a few extra shots if there's cooldown and Dovah doesn't reach him before his etherealness runs out. Even so, with 70 restoration, he can heal himself pretty quick.

Of course, with 70 in skill, stealth is absolutely an option for Dovah as well. Dovah has better methods of locating a target (aura whisper) and has better mobility. Not to mention the equivalent of force push, firebreath, icebreath, instant freeze, teleportation(well, I guess it's technically super speed towards a location), time manipulation and more. Even if Shepard had biotics, Dovah simply has more option available.