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I still say they should team up, but in a fight I would go with Dr. Light (when he's not an idiot). Arthur can not only make more than enough light to deny Jackie's attempts at creating things, but he can also become light and avoid the "make a darkling inside him approach" which has been mentioned a few times on the forum (even though he's only done it once that I know of). I know Jackie doesn't easily die and can even come back from the dead (so has Light btw) but I think Light could kill him and that would count as a win even if he came back.

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As i know both characters, I would say that Dr. Light coul efficiently create enough light to avoid getting attacked. He would stall until he formulated a strategy for the win.

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i like darkness but i think he gets overrated sometimes. i think light would win.

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Dr Light varies.Sometimes Dr Light takes on the teen titans,Lanterns,Superman,etc.Not sure honestly

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