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Dr. Doom gets 1 hour for prep, will use his magic and possess all standard equipment.
Dr. Fate and Doom are classic versions. 
Fight located in open grass in Latveria 10 miles away from Castle Doom. 
Fight to the death.
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I don't think 1 hour will be enough for Doom against Fate.

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I say fate unless doom has some magic barrier

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1 hour is more than enough for classic Doom to pwn Dr. Fate

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Doom gets demolished.

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Doom has a time machine :D

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@XiiX said:

Doom gets demolished.

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both parties are biased opinion

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Dr Fate

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With only 1 hour, Fate wins.

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Fate stomps.

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@Jayfournines said:

1 hour is more than enough for classic Doom to pwn Dr. Fate

You did see that OP has made this "Classic" fate didn't you??

That's the version of Fate that can fight Spectre to a standstill, recreate the universe after his battle with another destroyed it, TK move planets into suns, generate blasts that can be felt in two universes and at the opposite ends of them, and who regularly defeats and battles omnipotent beings. Not to mention that one of his powers is precog. hell even without his magic he's as strong and invulnerable as superman, has super speed, flight, TP and TK plus is immortal.

Unlike those beings on his level who Doom has taken the power of her only way to take Fate's power is to take the Helm of Nabu. The problem with that is that anyone other than an immortal celestial mage would be possessed and taken over by the essence of Nabu within. 1 Hour is definitely not enough against a classic Fate who is equal to classic Strange in almost every way (including the ability to prep)

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@matmatxm8 said:

both parties are biased opinion


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DR. Fate.

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you have Classic Fate, one of the most powerful comicbook sorcerers vs Classic Doctor Doom, with little to no magic feats to speak of. He might be able to conjure up a simple spell help him tied with a device that could stalemate Fate for a bit. But overall Classic Fates magic >>>> any version of Doctor Dooms magic besides Millers run. 
Current Doom vs Classic Fate, with Doom only having 1 hour of prep. Classic Fate would win 7/10. 
Classic Doom vs Classic Fate, with Doom only having 1 hour of prep, Classic Fate would win 8-9/10.
Current Doom vs Current Fate, with Doom having any prep, Doom would win 10/10 
Classic Doom vs Current Fate, with Doom having 1 hour of prep, Doom 5-7/10

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Fate almost never will and never does lose IMO...

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Classic Doom was on a similar level to Classic Strange with his magic (in a 'What If?' issue he was actually Sorcerer Supreme) but I feel that Fate has better feats for magic than Classic Doom.

Maybe if Doom had slightly more prep time but I think that Fate takes it.

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I'm going with Fate but Doom has a chance

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Dr. Fate.

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Doom is the greatest super villain. Ever.

I struggle with the idea that he could take out Dr Fate with an hours prep. Fate has shoved around some pretty powerful characters and was usually looked up to by the other JLA members in the 80s as their go to guy when the s*^% hits the fan. Gotta go with Fate on this one.

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What could doom possibly do to fate?

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During his 1 hour prep, Doom uses his time machine (standard equipment during prep), and kills Dr. FATE's ancestors.

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@xiix said:

Doom gets demolished.