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Location & Rules

Both have 1 week to prep.
Ock is bloodlusted. Doom is usual self. 
Doom has his technology. So does Ock. 
Place ; New York City.  
Both are in their prime.
Win by KO, Death, for the win.
Who wins in a prep fight?  
Relax, I'm a doctor....
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Otto is good but he's out of his depth.

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Doom makes him eat every single one of his arms.

Doom in his "prime" wouldn't need any sort of prep. He could be awoken by Otto and still stomp him.

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This Battle is Beneath Doom

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Dr. Doom reality warps a million Doc Octs with a spell just to blink them away at an instant. -But he will leave one alone to make him acknowledge the power of DOOM!

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Octopus has a much higher ratio of winning against Tony Strark!

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i would say doc ock takes this fight

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@mattferrar: No, he doesn't.

Doom temporarily killed Molecule Man at one point. Show me a feat from Ock that comes close to it.

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@mattferrar Doc uses his extra arms to write up his will. He's not beating Victor.

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@mattferrar Doc uses his extra arms to write up his will. He's not beating Victor.


Seriously Ock has no chance here.

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Doom, easily.

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Doom ftw .

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Doom easily.

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Doom wins.

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@azathoth_the_dread_sleeper: a PR Molecule man, making it insanely impressive.

Doom wins. Octavius is cool, but he should stick to picking on Parker

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Kneel before Doom!