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This is end of book 4 Eragon and Saphira VS level 81 Dovahkiin.

Eragon and Saphira have standard gear (steel chainmail and Brisingr for Eragon, steel platemail for Saphira), and they have wards on. Eragon cannot use telepathy, Deathwords or The Name.

Dovahkiin has full Ebony armor (Legendary level, not enchanted) and Skyforge Steel greatsword (fell free to use an enchantment here). He also has He can use magic (he cannot use conjuration or illusion). He can use all shouts except for: DLC shouts, Call Dragon, Marked for Death, Dragonrend. Dovahkiin has 5 potions of each: extreme healing, extreme magicka, extreme stamina, and one elixir of resist fire.

Takes place in the balcony of Dragonsreach.

Round 2: Saphira and Glaedr (unarmored, no wards on) VS Odahviing and Paarthurnax. Takes place above the Throat of the World.

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Someone must really hate Eragon.

Pretty much explains why this is slaughter.

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Damn. Elder Scrolls dragons are one of the stronghest around. They can do anything with Thu'um and are smart as Einstein. Stomp in Dovahkiin favor.

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@frocharocha: @reikai: You;re forgetting Eragon and Saphira have wards on, which can take sh!tloads of punishment. Dovahkiin would have a really tough time with those wards. Plus, Eragon is a rediculously powerful spellcaster.

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@the_red_viper: Don't listen to them. They underestimate Eragon wayyy to much. You didn't ban his Magic. soooo He wins. He can have all the Magic resist he wants. it wont stop Eragon from simply Saying 'Letta" then Dohvahkin LITERALLY Can't move. He walks up and tears him a new one. Or Saphira would eat him, But she doesn't like the taste of metal.

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@funsiized: That's funny. You actually believe Eragon could actually affect the Dovahkiin, when the entirety of the Graybeards couldn't put a dent in him, and these're the guys who can kill a normal person with a word. Full sentences from them weren't hurting the Dovahkiin.

Yet you believe Eragon and Saphira can restrict him? Laughable. Miraak couldn't dominate him, even when corrupting the Ancient Stones that enabled him to mentally dominate virtually every living thing on Solstheim. And nvm that the Dovahkiin learned the same power and ability to dominate others with the "Bend Will" shout.

And let's not forget all the forbidden knowledge and powers he receives while within Apocrypha, the realm of Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of Knowledge and Fate. Some of which can be used to make the "Unrelenting Force" shout powerful enough to be able to disintegrate those struck by it. And that includes Dragons.

Oh and to make matters worse, if the Dovahkiin uses "Dragon Aspect" first, it makes all of his shouts even more powerful. It's no joke to say he can kill Eragon with a Word. Or Three if he feels like being a huge [Insert Phallic Reference] about the whole thing.

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Ye dat hardcore letta do

Seriously though, Eragon could do that. It would be hilarious.

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@reikai: ALL of that is worhtless as it takes time he does not have. per se.

The graybeard would get Rocked by an average Magician in TIS.

And yes. i do believe i can restrict him. Because there is nothing that says he can not. Stop wanking and use your brain for about 5 seconds. the ancient language Shapes the world around Eragon. Mages in that universe are Reality manipulators to an extent, and if they have the power? they can do what ever they want. Hell. He could simply say "Stern Raisa" and Dohvakin would fly like a birdy. and then he Drops him. wouldn't that be ironic? The "Mighty" Dohvakin Murdered by a Fall. Ha. He out skills Dohvahkin in swordplay by leagues and miles. With his Wards, Shouts are not Touching anything. Swords are useless, Hell he can't be hurt for Christ sake. He is a better swordsman in any way than dohvakin, Faster, Stronger. Better. More versatile. Saphira is really just there for An accessory and clean up. Unless she has a bout of Magic. then Dohvakin would LITERALLY cease to exist. Like they did to the Forsworn Dragons. where he literally did NOT Have a name and is forever incapable of having one. driving him insane after his Defeat.

I have read the books and played Every single elder Scrolls game. Even played through Skyrim twice cause Mods. And in no way is dohvakin gonna win this. Hell Eragon could take away his voice if he wanted to!

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@funsiized: That is totally laughable. Dovahkiin deals with Gods and Reality Warpers on a regular basis, and was using objects that were known for regularly driving people insane.

Dovahkiin has been in multiple different planes of existence. From Mundus to the Soul Cairn, from Sovngarde to Apocrypha, including within Azura's Star, the mind of the deceased Emperor Palagus III, and even Sanguine's realm of eternal debauchery. Dovahkiin has had mead and cheese with crazy, reality warping demon gods, and then and kills the firstborn kid of the universes Prime Deity.

And let's not forget the mind destroying Elder Scrolls, which're fragments of the creation of the universe and tell of all possible pasts, presents and futures, and the Dovahkiin gets a gander at tree of the damn things that other people need to prep for years or even decades just do do a single reading.

Honestly, Dovahkiin has more power in the junk he keeps in his back pocket than Eragon and Saphira have combined. You think Dovahkiin needs time to do stuff? No more than Eragon would need to talk it up. And unlike Eragon, the Dovahkiin actually continued to grow in power with every dragon defeated, and took the soul of Miraak, the First Dragonborn, plus every dragon soul he ever consumed.

Words cannot describe how horribly Eragon gets slaughtered. Really just be cruel enough to slap him with Miraak's Staff and let the tentacle violation commence.

It's already been explained. But there's your reminder.

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You have not yet explained why letta will not work.

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@reikai: You post a Rap That my friend showed me When it came out, and act liek that says anything. Again. Eragon robs him of his voice. What are you gonna do now? You're slower than me. Weaker and down right Pathetic. You bring in all those fights and act like i wasn't there, didn't play it. For gods sake. The entire fight was slow as Hell. you could bring in some mod weapons and DB would still get wrecked. Why? because for all the hype given, HE HAS NO SHOWINGS that put him on Eragons Level. NONE

@thedarklordpandamonium Please help me talk some sense into him.

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I gatchu

Also stop referring to yourself as Eragon

Is creepy

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@thedarklordpandamonium: LOL its a habit i get in Debates. In ATOS i've been Calling myself Red Robin Half the time.

Call it getting into Character.

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@funsiized: i understand what you're saying, but really, this man The Dovahkiin, the dragonborn, was literally created for this exact purpose.

Alduiin was a literal reality warping, plane of existance crossing, time traveling, immortal dragon, and the dovakiin defeated him.

and you're argument that no one is adressing is that you say that with certain terms or phrases, they could easily stop time, or send the dragonborn into the clouds etc.

but that is EXACTLY the power of the dragonborn.

he has time manipulating thu'um

he has unrelenting force AND cyclone shout that both send things flying.

he has a shout that (is op imho) gives him the full aspects of a dragon. with all three words of this shout his armor rating multiplies ridiculously, as does his damage output, is juices his shout even mors as if they weren't already op, and drastically reduces cooldown time for said shouts(it does more too i don't remember)

he has the bend will shout which allows him to make any hostile dragon into his personal slave.

he has TWO shout that he can theoretically both use in a fight that each summon a respective powerful dragon.

and of course, dragonrend.

this a very small list compared to all of the possible thu'um the Kin of the Dov can wield.

not even mentioning the daedric artifacts, which include a staff that can turn your friend into a sweetroll, or a crab.

the ancient knowledge of hermiaus mora(definitely spelled wrong)

stepping stones

and possible transformations the Dragonborn may have i.e. vampire lord etc.

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Please explain how letta will not work.

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@cooldes: Please explain how he can Do any "shouts' Without being able to make a noise.

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@funsiized: @thedarklordpandamonium:

guy's i wasn't saying dragonborn stomps and i didn't even give a winning senario.

i was just putting in perspective that this battle isn't as one sided as it was being made to be. the Dovakiin is a powerful being and mine is only at level 57.

i was also providing a small listing of some of the dovakiin's special abilities that would come in handy went facing such a powerful foe.

and with that, now you can help me by explaining exactly what letta is, why the dragonborn wouldn't be able to speak and maybe listing a feat of two

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Did you just triple post?

How is that even possible?

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I kinda got scared and assumed you were a reality warper since I've never seen a triple post.

Letta is a mental spell that instantly stops all motion.

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@thedarklordpandamonium: no dude, it was the dragonborn showing us a quick feat x)

it stops ALL motion? like all of it? everywhere? because wouldn't that like, ruin the universe? if all motion is paused, wouldn't evryone and the caster be stuck in place infinitely?

and if the caster is unaffected by it(which is probably obvious, i just needed to check) can i ask wtf antagonist they were facing that could possibly be a threat?

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@cooldes: I see the site Lagged for you as well, might want to delete those extra post.

and with that, now you can help me by explaining exactly what letta is, why the dragonborn wouldn't be able to speak and maybe listing a feat of two

Letta is the ancient word for "Stop" in Eragons Universe, 'Magic' Is shaped by saying the words and pouring energy into them. To give an example, i don't have the quote because my friend has my book but to give a shaky one

"i quickly said the magic words and rocketed into the sky after Thorn(a Dragon) When my energy was beginning to wain, Glaedr began to feed me his. I saw Arya Rocket past me inn a similar pursuit, the Dauthdaurt(wary of the spelling here) glowing in her hands, but as she got close, Thorns tail whipped across her. knocking her out of the sky.

'ARYA' i shouted, And redoubled my efforts in order to catch her.

'she needs to be healed, we can save nausuada another day' said glaedr in my head.

with one last look at Thorns retreating figure, i cut the flow of magic and dropped to the ground, when i neared the bottom i spoke the words letta to halt my decent and then slow floated down."

now. again. don't have the book but that's pretty much how it went. also for feats of lifting. Stern Raisa is near the First spell Eragon Learned and with his newer powers He is stronger. What it does however. is the same. he can just lift more.

"look at the pebble in your palm, see more than it, envision it floating above your palm"

i did as he asked and once the image was in my head, i nodded

"good now repeat after me, stern raisa"

"stern raisa? whats that mean?"

"it doesn't matter just say it and focus on the image of the pebble floating"

i shrugged but followed his instructions nonetheless, once the image was solidly in my mind, i spoke the words "stern raisa" they came out as a whisper but before my eyes i saw the pebble jiggle and proceed to float above my hand, i stare at it in marvel for a second before it dropped to the ground

"that was amazing!" i said gasping for air, i was surprised at the effort that took.

noticing my slight fatigue Brom said "it will get easier with time, soon you can be lifting larger things such as Rocks and boulders with ease"

Later in the first book He speaks his first flame spell, Brisingr, And instantly lights the Tip of his Arrow aflame.

as for how i can keep you silent, this is end of series Eragon, so hes basically Galbatorix^2 and in the chamber room. Galbatorix did this.

"Still keeping hold of the Dauthdaert, Elva stepped forward and began to speak. However,

no sound came from her mouth, and she looked at Eragon with an expression of alarm.

Eragon tried to touch her mind with his own, but he could feel nothing of her thoughts; it

was as if she were no longer in the room with them.

Galbatorix laughed, then returned his sword to his lap and leaned back in his throne. “Did

you truly believe that I was ignorant of your ability, child? Did you really think you could render

me helpless with such a petty, transparent trick? Oh, I have no doubt your words could harm

me, but only if I can hear them.” His bloodless lips curved in a cruel, humorless smile. “Such

folly. This is the extent of your plan? A girl who cannot speak unless I grant her leave, a spear

more suited for hanging on a wall than carrying into battle, and a collection of Eldunarí half

out of their minds with age? Tut-tut. I had thought better of you, Arya. And you, Glaedr, but

then I suppose your emotions have clouded your reason since I used Murtagh to slay

Oromis.” -Credit to @thedarklordpandamonium For this.

Also he can now do Magic With his thoughts, as opposed to his words like many believe.

as for holding people down:

"As the last phrase left the king’s lips, a force gripped Eragon, stopping him in mid-stride. The jolt shook a yelp of surprise from him. He tried to move, but his body might as well have been encased in stone. All he could do was breathe, look, and as he had already discovered, speak. He did not understand; his wards should have protected him from the king’s magic. That they did not left him feeling as if he were teetering on the edge of a vast abyss. Next to him, Saphira, Arya, and Elva appeared likewise immobilized."

Again, the King, but Magic feats are applicable in that universe. as Eragon knows what he knew and Probably more.

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Instantly stops all motion the user wants stopped, or slowly stops if the user wants it slowly stopped.

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@thedarklordpandamonium: @funsiized: thanks funsized but we all know, in essence, time manipulation is the most op thing anyone can have control of.

i'm new to the vine and i love coming on and learning new things about character and learning new characters.

you guys, i have to say have won this one, and everyone's favorite dragonborn hero seems to be outclassed.

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thanks funsized but we all know, in essence, time manipulation is the most op thing anyone can control of.

ACTUALLY if you bear with my shaky memory, There was an instant of time manipulation in the Eragon series. AHEM

"WE charged into the room and were greeted by a group of soldiers, i moved to attack but suddenly all of them dropped dead, holes neatly carved in their eyes.

we all turned around to stare at Angela, who was shaky and pale looking, Her dagger covred inblood. "What did you do?" i asked

"What is motion but heat? what is heat but time? when you understand those terms, then you will understand what i did"

So, going by her description, BAM we got time control as well. :)

But yes, its good to enlighten people on Characters, i myself am still learning oodles(yes i said oodles) of information. Glad to help out.

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@funsiized: i-i know..

that's why i gave you win...

cause time control's op...

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@cooldes: Yeah, but trust me, you learn to work around it later. Specifically with a certain character who Shan't be directly Named but to put it mildly, Out runs the time Control


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@funsiized: Galbatorix's feats can't be compared to Eragon

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@dondave: EoS Eragon is stronger. More Eldunari. And has as much, if not more Knowledge. Also, Magic works the same nearly for every Mage. if he knows the words, he can Replicate the feat. OR since he has the idea, He can Do something extremely similiar. Ex. Murtagh used a spell on the burning Plains to press the wind against Eragon to knock him down and circumvented his wards., Eragon replicated The feat Later under Dras Leona.

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I personally think it goes to Dragonborn, the training he has with the companions,dark brotherhood,thieves guild,mage college,greybeards, etc. makes him very skilled. Also his ranks in those guilds shows even more skill in him. Plus all he had been through gives him superior training opposed to Eragorn,and in this case legendary level ebony is a better armor than what Eragorn has. But if it went down DB would probably call in Odahviing first then if he has time spectral summon Lucian and use a shout to summon 1 of the 3 Nordic heroes.

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@dondave: EoS Eragon is stronger. More Eldunari. And has as much, if not more Knowledge. Also, Magic works the same nearly for every Mage. if he knows the words, he can Replicate the feat. OR since he has the idea, He can Do something extremely similiar. Ex. Murtagh used a spell on the burning Plains to press the wind against Eragon to knock him down and circumvented his wards., Eragon replicated The feat Later under Dras Leona.

Galbatorix for one is much older than Eragon and has more experience with his powers and was stated to grow more powerful with each passing year, he also dabbled in the dark arts due to his time with Durza , not to mention most of Eragons Eldurani are mad meaning although they give him more power they don't necessaruly provide him with knowledge, he also knows the true name of the Ancient Language something IIRC Eragon doesn't know

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@the_fun_bun: Sigh, read the entire thread, op included, Then try that argument again.

@dondave Yes but all of his showings he used Standard Magic. Again, something that Eragon EoS can replicate, Especially since Eragon has Near as much Eldunari, on that topic, not most, only a few of Eragons Eldunari are mad. And can still give him information, Shown when they flooded him with Info on the fly back to the Mainland, right after he found them, They just don't have a sense of order. If anything, Galbatorix has Driven most of HIS dragons mad, by breaking their mental defenses. and Eragon heard the spells Galbatorix used. as such, he can replicate it. that's typically how Magic in that world works. And Eragon does indeed know the Name of Names. Murtagh taught it to him after everything was said and done. Not that it's effective outside or combat in TIS. and on the topic of that The Name of Names does not Work on Mental Magic-Shown when Eragon cast his Empathy spell on Galbatorix.-and is something Galbatorix never showed. so he has that on him as well.

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@cooldes: @reikai: Read OP. DLC Shouts are banned, so are the Call Dragon, Marked for Death and Dragonrend.

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Actually, it's been said that due to Galbatorix's lack of formal training he may actually be behind Eragon. For example, he didn't know it was possible to perform magic nonverbally.

Also, according to Eragon's Guide to Alagaesia not only does Eragon know the Name of Names, but knowing the Name of Names also gives you tons of knowledge.

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Knowledge. Dovahkiin knows secrets imparted Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of Knowledge and Fate, whose entire realm is the collected knowledge of the universe. Also centuries worth of Dwemer knowledge fed directly into his brain from a lexicon after returning it to Avanchanzel..

Dovahkiin has learned spells that'd been lost for millennia. Not only does he have an absurd level of experience in battle from fighting everything down from the most diseased Skeever to the most powerful dragon in history, but has been taught and trained by dozens of figures across Skyrim, both living and dead. He even learned lost sword and shield techniques from one who had fought with and alongside Tiber Septim.

His battle skills were even tested by the spirits of Ysgramor's lieutenants, the very first Companions, who set upon the lands of Skyrim, within the Tomb of Ysgramor. Not only has the Dovahkiin been trained in every form of combat, but even gained the uncanny stealth of a Thief, becoming the greatest among them, even over Karliah, and given uncanny Luck by Nocturnal, but even further boons upon reforming the Crown of Barenziah. And also the most skilled assassin from the Dark Brotherhood.

This is on top of becoming the Archmage of the College of Winterhold, stopping Ancano from using an object that could change the reality of the world itself, and holding conversations with Psijic Monks who can stop time so you can have a pleasant cup of tea without eavesdroppers.

Btw, not all shouts were removed. Dovahkiin can manipulate time as well with the "Slow Time" shout. Also, the removal of Illusion and Conjuration was just to keep the Dovahkiin from taking over their minds and/or getting Saphira to bite Eragon's head off, and keep him from summing an army of Undead called from the Soul Cairne, Dremora Lords and Atronachs, as well as Ash Guardians and those slimy tentacle-faced Seekers from Apocrypha that look like Mindflayer's from D&D.

Talk of defeating ancient adversaries? Miraak has been around since Mythic Times and been gathering knowledge and power in Apocrypha for thousands of years, waiting until Alduin was gone before returning. Despite being the First and the Oldest Dragonborn in history, the Last Dragonborn still defeated him, even when Miraak consumed the life and souls of the dragons he kept around him to revitalize himself (he was pulling a Darth Malak on the Star Forge).

Oh and among other ancient enemies is, of course, Harkon, who is one of the oldest and most powerful vampires in the world, which the Dovahkiin takes down. And let's not forget the spectral form of Potema the Wolf Queen, heralded as one of the most powerful Necromancers in history.

Few more things. Alteration perk, 30% of magic attacks are negated automatically, which includes dragon flames and shouts. Combine with Restoration, another 30% is absorbed and restores the Dovahkiin's magicka. So, Eragon can try all he likes, he'll just keep fueling my Dovahkiin's continuous Kamehameha (aka Lightning Storm), which I have reduced dragons to ashes with.

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Well, people are a lot divide here. So i will make some points:

-Skyrim engine doesn't make possible too much destruction, because the game is way to heavy and each NPC character ha it's own dialogue history. Unless you have 10,000 bucks pC, the game will crash yoru desktop (believe me, i do that all the time).

So to make things more complete they use the game LORE. In the LORE, Deadric princes are said to be extremely powerful reality Warpers, but they are limited on messing up with mortal realm because they don't have acess to it. Thanks to Akatosh. And Dovahkiin loves to mess up with them.

-Alduin is really a planet eater. According to the LOR, he ate the world 3 times already but he abandoned his duty. He was stated to have the power to create create Deadric Princes! As he did so when he turned Magnus into Mehrunes Dagon.

-The Greaybeards has the power to destroy entire citys (Ulfric did this and he didn't completed his training) and burst entire mountains. In the game, when the ycalled Dovahkiin, people said that all the world shaked. If you ask the greaybeards they will say that Dovahkiin Thu'um is so greater than the one of the Greybeards that he can destroy continents.

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@frocharocha: Same was said when Tiber Septim went to see the Graybeards. He approached them, they removed their gags and spoke his name, and it was said the world shook in response.

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@reikai: @funsiized

Eragon uses Letta and Galbatorix's silence spell

Dovahkiin can't move at all or shout

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@thedarklordpandamonium: Dovahkiin's ridiculous level of magic absorption and resistance negate both those effects, to which he then smacks them with the "Bend Will" shout and makes Saphira rip Eragon to pieces. One flailing girlish limb at a time.

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But his armor isn't enchanted.

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@reikai said:

@thedarklordpandamonium: Dovahkiin's ridiculous level of magic absorption and resistance negate both those effects, to which he then smacks them with the "Bend Will" shout and makes Saphira rip Eragon to pieces. One flailing girlish limb at a time.

The best mage in Elder scrolls would get wrecked by an average elf. Arya could probably solo them.

To add to TDLP-He uses the Warping Spell he used on the Eldunari And Wins Via BFR. The spell isn't a direct assault on Dovahkiin And as such, won't be "absorbed"(like anything else would)

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Oh yeah the BFR...hmm that could work.

@reikai if all else fails and Eragon is legit going to die he'll just use the Empathy Spell or something similar. Dovahkiin can't stand up to the plot put into spell...

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@thedarklordpandamonium: "Gift of Mara" gives 15% magical resistance, "Atronach Stone" gives 50% magical absorption. And given choice between "Blessing of Talos" or "Blessing of Azura", I would go with Talos since it reduces the CDT of all shouts to 0 for 12hrs, while Azura does give an extra 12% to magic resistance.

Not everything has to be an enchantment. There are a number of Passive effects the Dragonborn can acquire, that require no enchantments. Plus other effects gained from Hermaeus Mora's Black Books. Meditate on a Word of Power makes its effect stronger. Meditating on "Fus" makes Unrelenting Force push harder, plus add "Dragonborn Force" from Herma-Mora which makes UF more powerful overall, increasing damage substantially, and making it capable of disintegrating its victims.

Op never said what Race the Dragonborn is. Which means we could go with ILS' "Breton" type, which is another passive 25% resistance to magic. So that's 50% being absorbed and 40% being resisted. And let's not forget the 30% absorption with Alteration perks, so 80% absorption. The game actually breaks and caps at 85% absorption, because you can still use a Ward spell for another 25% magic absorption, which would in fact break it up to 110%. Which would basically mean the Draonborn is absorbing every ounce of magical energy being thrown at him that isn't being stopped by his Resistances.

And I almost forgot that Alteration perks also give another 30% magic resistance. So that right there, without enchantments, is 80% magic absorption as a flat rate, and 70% magic resistance. Without Enchantments.

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@thedarklordpandamonium: @reikai: Even with all that. Assuming that Translates into Other universes, probably not, cause if this was Dr Fate. Then you wouldn't be saying that. that is a no limit fallacy. Eragon STILL Has SpaceWarp, Speed Blitz Via Time Slow(Angela used it) Indirect Magic(Forcing the wind to break his limbs) 'Thrysta'(Stop his heart) And is a FAR Superior Swordsman. With Miles Better Reaction, Movement, skill, AND they are about even in strength, though that is tentative. As Eragon can use Magic To enhance his traits.

Add that to His sword which will cut through EVERY Enchantment Dovahkiin Has like butter. His own enchanted Armor, Wards. Silencing spells(Not just the one Galbatorix used, but also one that prevents sound from leaving an Area and as such AGAIN would not Affect Dovakiin and as such his resistance and absorption would be useless.

EDIT: And then there's Dragon Magic. Never forget The Power OF PLOT.