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Morals off

only frost, fire, slow time and unrelenting force shouts


to death

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Dovahkiin loses. He's undoubtedly got the raw power, but he'll never see Corvo coming. Hard to Shout at someone if your throat gets cut open before you even see them.

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What he said ^ sorry dovahkiin

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I love the elder scrolls but the first guy is right

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@Deathstrokesrevenge: DUDE your awesome. don't you just love the elder scrolls!!!! what is your favorite race?

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Corvo freezes time, Blinks behind the Dovahkin, and slits his throat.

Or freezes time, then puts a few explosive crossbow bolts into the Dovahkin.

With the restrictions put on the Dovahkin, Corvo wins easily.

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okay this battle is done corvo wins

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With those rules dragonborn loses.

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Unless Dovahkin can shout him off a cliff, Corvo will take this.

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If Dragonborn can't use his stop time shout I don't think Corvo should be allowed to stop time either...

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i added slow time shout for Mr. Dova now will Mr. DOVAhkiin or Corvo win

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Biased OP is Biased, Neutering Dragonborn so this can be a mismatch in the other direction is funny, obviously he'd win if he had even half of his full abilities, but to limit him to two elemental magics and two shouts is bullsh*t......give him the Thief skill trees and illusion magic .... that makes this a fair fight.

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People need to specify what skill trees the Dragonborn has in these damn threads. It's an RPG, people. Character building is important. Please build the character.

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slows down time. nuff said.