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I'm not very familiar with link, but dragonborn seemed very versatile to me. (And awesome, too, after power leveling)

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Lets use the Lore versions.

So if its lore versions, then Dovahkiin has extreme power. I may even say this battle is one sided where Dovahkiin rips Link in half.

List of Dovahkiin's Power:

  1. Superhuman strength and durability.
  2. Fighting Skills are above elite.
  3. Magic
  4. Dragon Magic(Thu'um)
  5. Expert Archer

these are off the top my head.

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The Dragonborn destroys this with absolute ease. He doesn't have a glowing red weak spot that Link can exploit and his vast array of abilities essentially mean that he can do everything Link can.

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In theory the dovakiin slayed a son of a god link defeated ganon who was at god like power's. Dovakiin soley since he can soul trap

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Enough with everyone constant back and forth. Link has slain a dragon, so stop bringing up that the dovahkiin can, kinda obvious. The dovahkiin has shouts, link has a stone that makes a magical INVINCIBLE barrier. Link can absorb\reflect any and all attacks with the mirror sheild. The hylian sheild can block all damage. The dovahkiin takes time to master things, when link masters his items instantly. The dovahkiin killed a bunch people, link can literally slay all evil. Link can turn into a god with a mask, also is every ocarina of time fan forgetting the link can hold without gauntlets a hammer that legitimately weighs a megaton which is 2,000,000,000 pounds. That's enough said, unless there more you'd like me to explain.

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To really get past the bickering of all the fanboys, I did come up with a formula as to compare each other's strengths. Contrary to popular belief, the Hylian shield is not impregnable. A shockwave from an Iron Knuckle can damage 3 1/2 hearts from Link when blocking. With Skyrim, the closest thing to the Battleaxe that an Iron knuckle has is Wuuthrad. An ancient battleaxe used by the ancient Nords when Alduin first arose. This weapon has a base attack of 25. And I say base because the battleaxe can inflict more damage based off of the strength. An Iron Knuckle would most likely have his damage doubled to 50 at the most. There is also a ratio. in OOT, you face off against Shadow link. He does the same damage as you. Which would equate to I believe one heart per swing, maybe half, but I would go with full. That means that the Master Sword is 1/7 the strength of the IK battleaxe. So if we took the Master Sword into Skyrim, we would have a sword that deals 7 damage in Skyrim.

And to say that's an unfair measurement, it isn't. We are talking about a sword that cannot cut through the arms of a wolf. It takes several hits to kill a skeleton in Zelda while in Skyrim, it takes about a hit or 2 on a low level. Not to mention that the Master Sword was unable to deal a lethal blow to the Gerudo guards despite the fact that they were not wearing any protective armor. Even in-game, the Master Sword is not the best weapon in the game. You have the Goron Sword, the Goron hammer and even the Gilded Sword I believe is stronger.Even then, they do about twice as much damage as the Master Sword. So Even the Goron Hammer which you talked about would fail on a mathematic point.

There is of course the Mirror shield which deflects oncoming magic spells. There is also a problem there. In a constant attack, it will immediately return the spell, however, if the attack in in a singular form like a fireball, then the shield stores its energy. Why is that a problem? If a different elemental spell were to be absorbed by the shield, the attack will go right through and harm link. Then we have simple differences. Aside from melee weapons, the weapons that link has are specific to each tasks. Most of them stun and not kill, but almost all of them are defeated by blocking. Certain items like bombs are really only effective if the opponent isn't that active. Out of all the weapons Link has, the best chance he has would have to be Din's Fire, but that can be blocked by a ward. It also should be pointed out that Link doesn't have armor and Dragonborn does. Even in Agility, Dragonborn becomes 15x faster when someone does a power attack against him such as Link's signature jump attack.

In just about everything, Dragonborn has the advantage over Link.While Link is the Hero of Time, you also need to understand what a dragonborn is a what a dragon is. A dragon is a creature that is the descendant of Akatosh, the God of time and the leader of the gods known as the Nine Divines. Akatosh is a dragon and the dragons are his kin. Dragons are also god-like compared to man and Alduin is up there with the power of the gods. A dragonborn is a man, elf or beast that has the soul of a dragon. As such, they are considered the strongest mortal beings. While a dragon would kill thousands of men and never fall, a dragonborn would be able to kill thousands of dragons and never fall. Dragonbors are also rare. Coming around once every 500 years or so. But once they do come around, they always change the course of history. Talos, one of the Nine Divines was a dragonborn and became emperor of the largest empire Tamriel had. Alessia, the first Dragonborn was blessed by Akatosh and kept the evil Daedra away indefinitely. Reman Cyrodiil united men against the elves and made man dominant. Unlike other previous heroes like the Nerevarine and Hero of Kvatch, Dragonborn is universally skilled. The Nerevarine can either be a warrior, a mage or a man in cloak. Dragonborn can learn to be a mage even if he has been a warrior for so long. For Link to defeat this guy, it would be impossible.

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@kalab_depew: I'm pretty sure the Megaton Hammer is just a name, and that it doesn't weigh an actual Megaton. If that were so, then the stone columns that Link lifts with the gauntlets have to weigh even more then that. So your saying that Link can lift 2 billion pounds?

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The Dragonborn downloads mods and arrives at the arena riding on the back of a velociraptor dual wielding lightsabers and accompanied by the Avengers, Deadpool, and the lamp from Spirited Away. Dragonborn murder stomps.

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this thread isn't fair to Link.

Dragon Aspect.


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@wolfrazer: yes, that, in fact, was one of my points. I don't think they'd call the megaton hammer without it weighing a megaton, though I suppose you could be correct. I think Nayru's love would be the thing to make link win, because link becomes invincible

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@newvamp: actually, in the manga link beats ganondorf with one reflect of ganondorf's attack and one swipe. Then he beat Ganon with three swings. the master sword is evil's bane which can deflect magic, such as the firebolt. And you forgot to add Nayru's love, which makes an impregnable barrier around link.

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@kalab_depew: There's nothing that leads me to believe that Ganondorf could hold a candle to Dragonborn, even in his strongest form.

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Enough with everyone constant back and forth. Link has slain a dragon, so stop bringing up that the dovahkiin can, kinda obvious.

Link killed A dragon, with bombs, that were ineffective until Navi told him the dragons weak point. TES dragons do not have a spot that will kill them if you hit it three times. Plus, the 'dragon' Link defeated was a creature corrupted by Ganon's magic. Not remotely close to the immortal dragons in TES.

The dovahkiin has shouts, link has a stone that makes a magical INVINCIBLE barrier.

That isn't permanent and only works once before he has to get another stone. It's like Star Power in Mario, only not as good. And still useless overall.

Link can absorb\reflect any and all attacks with the mirror sheild.

Incorrect. He can only reflect direct spells with the Mirror Shield.

The hylian sheild can block all damage.

Again, incorrect. The Hylian Shield is indestructible, and can only block attacks that encompass the front of the shield. It doesn't stop anything from pushing against Link and crushing him.

The dovahkiin takes time to master things, when link masters his items instantly.

Link does not master the items he uses in an instant, he has an inherent understanding of them due to the Triforce of Courage which gives him that understanding via the experience of his past selves. The Dovahkiin already knew every skill to some degree, and mastered them all on his own, through either experience in using them on the job, or via training from others across Skyrim until their skills paled before the Dovahkiin's and he mastered them completely.

The dovahkiin killed a bunch people, link can literally slay all evil.

Link kills the same two or three evils through the whole series. He never "slays all evil". It's the same threats over and over and over again. The Dovahkiin didn't simply "kill a bunch of people", he killed some of the most powerful magic users in history, and the most powerful dragon in existence. The only things more powerful than Alduin, were the Eight Divines and the Daedric Princes. Beings that're easily in the same power range as the Three Goddesses who created the Tri-Force of Power and the Zelda-verse.

Link can turn into a god with a mask

Incorrect. The Fierce Deity Mask did not make Link a god. And, in fact, was created by and given to Link by Majora so they could "play together". Once Majora was defeated, the Mask lost its power and hasn't been seen since.

also is every ocarina of time fan forgetting the link can hold without gauntlets a hammer that legitimately weighs a megaton which is 2,000,000,000 pounds. That's enough said, unless there more you'd like me to explain.

Incorrect. The hammer was called "The Megaton Hammer", it had nothing to do with the hammers weight. It was given that name after a Goron Hero used it to kill a dragon in ancient times, as an exaggeration to the amount of force it can unleash.

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This hurts me from the very bottom of my soul here. In fact, my whole childhood shatters as I type this....

But Dragonborn STOMPS Link. Links good, but he doesn't stand a chance against a guy who fights gods on a daily basis. What's that? He doesn't fight gods? Wrong. For those who don't know, Akatosh (the most powerful God besides omniversals like Sithis, Anu, etc.) is the God of Dragons. All of his sons (A.K.A. Dragons) are minor gods.

There is just no way Link can win here. *sniffle sniffle*


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Dovahkin wins easily

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@greenteaforme: Dragonborn also has magic and different elementals. If you remember in OOT, the Mirror shield can't send a spell back if it's storing a different element. That means the mirror shield is not effective against Dovahkin.

Link's Physical strength has nothing to do with his combat prowess. Even when he can lift giant pillars of granite, he still deals the same amount of damage with his sword.

With Equipment in the picture, Link does have a lot, but most of these weapons stun and that's if the enemy isn't armored. The one's that to damage are the explosives, but they are clunky and easily dodgeable.

It depends on which shouts. If you are talking about unrelenting force, that's just one shout and you probably only had the incomplete Fus. At maximum, that shout can toss people off buildings and cliffs to their deaths and that's just one. There is fire, ice, invisibility, invincibility, calling dragons, summoning champions, raising the dead, paralyzing others, taming them, super speed, slowing of time and Dragon Aspect; which is the Super Saiyan form of Dovahkin.

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Unarmed = Dovahkiin Stomp

Standard Equip = (Dovahkiin has no Standard Equip) (Link's standard is probably Hylian Shield, Master Sword, Bow & Arrow with Fire/Ice, Hookshot and Boomerang)

Fully Equip = I honestly don't know.. Maybe Dovahkiin with all his Daedric items. But if he has those should link be able to have The Triforce witch would be a stomp so i don't know... It should be more clear on what they have.

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@dewin50: By standard equipment I meant the basic Fus Ro Dah shout, regular steel weaponry (sword, warhammer, axe, etc.), and genuine steel armor. So basically what he has in the trailer.

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Link wins this. He has the reflexes to didge the shouts, plus he is way more skilled.

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According to Lore The Dragon born can destroy entire fortress by shouting at them He can reduce Link into red mist in a single shout or he could just use bend will on Link ( which can subdue immortal dragons) and then tell him to jump of a cliff there are so many Haxs ability's Dov can use link stands no chance not to mention Dov has countless magic weapons that can one shot link, magic armor that can take anything Link can give out, and a massive array of spells that can either fry link or summon Demon solders from hell to skewer him.

This is spite lock it down

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If each are in their pinnacle of power then Dovahkiin stomps.

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The overall of the dragon born is that he killed a lot of people and creatures if you finished the quest lines such as the dragon born killed alduin the eater of worlds (a dragon if your a noob at skyrim) the emperor of tamriel and he had a lot of bodyguards to protect him and he had the imperial army at his back (if you finished and joined the dark brotherhood he killed the whole of the dark brotherhood (if you choose to destroy the dark brotherhood) he killed mercer Frey (if you joined the thieves guild) killed general Tullius and the imperial army legate rikke or the storm cloaks ulfric stormcloak and galmar stone-fist he killed thalmor paarthunax (if you killed him) if you finished dragonborn (official addon) he can kill miraak the first dragonborn and dragon priest he can kill all the dragon priests if you finished dawnguard (official addon) he killed one of the two legendary (not sure if legendary) snow elves now known as falmer after the betrayal of the dwemer he killed harkon the leader of the vampire clan volkihar and vampire lord and if he cant kill link then WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE DRAGONBORN. 2. MAGIC AND WEAPONS if you think about it he would clearly kill link with 3 words one shout (marked for death) and just celebrate in the nearest tavern/inn and the daedric weapons he has are slight op (NOT THE WEAPONS MADE OUT OF EBONY A DAEDRIC HEART AND LEATHER STRIPS) like the wabbajack mehrunes razor volendrung the ebony blade mace of molag bal the dawnbreaker sanguine rose and skull of corruption miraaks sword and staff which are crafted by a daedric lord hermaeus mora and auriels bow which is crafted by a divine akatosh or the mer (elves) call him auri-el out of all his magic fire storm blizzard he can just summon up a dremora lord by the snap of his fingers. 4. ARMOR he can have ebony mail auriels shield spellbreaker masque of clavicus vile and even enchanted simple armor would do his power classed as a shout dragon aspect which makes him more of a dragon.5. EVENTS the dragonborn survived the disaster at helgen went to sovngarde and lived to tell the tale been to a plain of oblivion skyrim (apocrypha herma moras plane) (NOT OBLIVION (game) ) had psiijic monks to visit him. trained by grey beards galmar stone fist/legate rikke and broke a daedric curse (hircine) and what events like that has link survived the dragon-born was there when ancano (if your a noob a high elf who is a thalmor spy) and saved the whole of skyrim solstheim and the world. 6. Links point of view link has even crappier armor then the dragonborn link has green clothes which dont have an armor value (which is the same at being naked with a shield in skyrim) and the crappy weapon link has an iron sword and a long bow and by the time the dragonborn sees link. its links funeral. 7 FOllowers the dragonborn has a lot of friends and some are followers but why talk about followers its just the dragonborn vs link for petes sake! 8 GODS has link killed a god NO has the dragonborn killed a god YES. 9 PURPOSE links purpose is to kill ganon or/and vaati and rescue zelda but the dragonborn purpose is to kill alduin and almost infinite reasons. 10 POWERS i dont think link has any powers he has been born with but the dragon born can absorb dragon souls learn shouts in a couple of seconds but link it would take him more than 10 years (how long ulfric mastered and learned the thu um). SO in a nutshell the dragonborn whould win 99% chance at killing link

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@greenteaforme: In gameplay, the dragonborn would have a cooldown on his shouts.......... In lore, he could do this anytime he wants to do it........ putting that to gameplay would be too op......... basically, he'd just rap and link is gone............

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Dovakhiin. Good fight.

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Dovahkiin should win.

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link beats cloud pretty easy so this should be a peace of cake

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@dewin50: By standard equipment I meant the basic Fus Ro Dah shout, regular steel weaponry (sword, warhammer, axe, etc.), and genuine steel armor. So basically what he has in the trailer.

standard for Link being????? what items? gear? spells? Pendants?