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Takes place on Delta Rana IV

The Douwd


Now before you say anything this is not a stomp in Q's Favor. With a thought Douwd destroyed 15 billion people. He was able to recreate his wife. He was able to put music into Diana's mind blocking her telepathy. Q is not omnipotent he has lost his powers.

So now that I gave you Douwd's feats let the debate begin

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I was going to create my own thread for my 1000th post, but I can't refuse this opportunity, since I'm a big Star Trek fan! Thanks!

I am fully aware of both the Douwd's and Q's feats, and Q wins this fight. Frankly, I would say that Q defeats any non-Q Star Trek character in a big stomp. Q can raise the dead; the Douwd, while extremely powerful, could only create an illusion of his wife; Q transported the Voyager to the beginning of the universe; the Douwd, apparently, could not even whisk the Husnock away from his planet. The Q can create alternate timelines or dimensions with nary a thought; the Douwd, evidently, could not enter another dimension to escape the Husnock (or throw the Husnock into a parallel dimension, which Q could have easily done).

Destroying billions of Husnock with a thought is obviously extremely impressive, but this is not something that is outside of Q's power set.

Q for the win, in what I would say would be the equivalent of Trion Juggernaut facing Captain America.