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Dormy takes on Mordru in the Sorcerers' World . 
Who wins?

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good battle... I think Mordru wins by a Hair... 
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I'll take Mordru(in a battle for the Dark Ages).
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Dormammu in full power will win (the same that with some magical weapon he was boosted to level in which he defeated Eternity).

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Well it's obvious that Dormammu wins this. Cause in Dormammu is > Dr. Strange Sorcerer SUpreme. I haven't seen anything that Mordru did to sugest he is above >DR. Strrange Sorcerer Supreme. Besides that Dormammu himself has insane feats like ( temporary defeat of Eternity)        
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Waiting for Beatboks1 to put up a detail argument in favour of Mordru before i make a choice but i think based on what i have heard in the past, 30 century Mordru would win, normal incarnation would lose.

I am very well versed with Dormammu, not so much with Mordru

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@killemall: mordru only in the silver age he has galaxies level power,BA he not have this such power

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@killemall: mordru only in the silver age he has galaxies level power,BA he not have this such power

Erm, then the Silver Age version could likely take on Dormammu.. can you list (you dont really have to put up every scans) of feats he has performed?

So i could see where he would stand against Dormammu in terms of power level.

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@killemall: Here,bro:

this scan from silver age comics,and this mordru most Impressive feats,but in the Bronze Age,he isnt have this such power,in fact,he have galaxies level power just Only once,you know...though i dont know this is really or just exaggeration(just a panel....)

however,the silver age mordru>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Bronze Age mordru in the feats

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@killemall: Also,that why i dont think GDS was powerful,yes,he beat mordru,but nothing can prove BA mordru still have galaxies power level,the GDS best feats just fight with orion and blow up a planet,even not more Impressive than world break hulk feats,who also destroy a planet in fight

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Maybe if this is GA Mordru he has a chance against Dormammu but I am not sure if he can take him down if it is some other version of him.

What can you say @beatboks1 about this?

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Waiting for Beatboks1 to put up a detail argument in favour of Mordru before i make a choice but i think based on what i have heard in the past, 30 century Mordru would win, normal incarnation would lose.

I am very well versed with Dormammu, not so much with Mordru

Mordru in the thirtieth Century would be the only version that could take on Dormammu with any level of success. His "Bronze Age Feats" include absorbing half the power of Infinite man (Glorith absorbing the other half) which according to Brainiac 5 gave him the power to destroy universes in about 5 minutes. Basically it's a feat that matches Dormammu's absorbing Eternity ( as If I'm not mistake he also had hep - love defenders but it's been years). He also absorbed all the magic in the universe and Sorcerers world. Despite having been bound to the 30th Century he was able to send his astral self to the 20th Century and solo the JLA and the JSA and bring them to the 30th century as his pawns. In the JSA ark in the 90's where he fought the Hector fate and Hector saw his future we saw the scans of the JLA /JSA crossover as that future so I would personally take that as still canon. Considering that his power levels by that JSA ark were vastly more than in his 20th Century debut in Amethyst and vastly more powerful again in their next encounter plus having better showings again later and every appearance we see of him has him taking the energy of some character or another ( in other words building his power) I don't see it as that great a stretch that he is vastly more powerful after 1000 years of doing so.

@killemall: mordru only in the silver age he has galaxies level power,BA he not have this such power

Mordru only had about two or three appearances in the SA in Adventure IIRC. Definitely two in Adventure and I think one in Superman. Hardly a great number of showings. SA ended in 1969.

@killemall: Also,that why i dont think GDS was powerful,yes,he beat mordru,but nothing can prove BA mordru still have galaxies power level,the GDS best feats just fight with orion and blow up a planet,even not more Impressive than world break hulk feats,who also destroy a planet in fight

Mordru wasn't powerful in Great Darkness Saga ( if that's what you mean). Presumably your referring to the weakened PC Darkseid draining his power ??

The context behind that is simple.

1. DS had spent some time already absorbing magic artifacts to build his power ( at least a dozen enough for B5 to extrapolate a projected new target based on data that excluded three we saw on panel)

2. DS had just had one of his minions break Mordru free from an imprisonment that took quite a few mages to be able to do. So Mordru was far from at full strength.

3. DS had created a minion who was basically a DNA copy of his son Orion with the Astro force ( alluded to heavily never mentioned by name just you are much like my son etc etc - astro force was mentioned). DS had this minion break Mordru out who Mordru was going to thank by destroying and absorbing his energy. While Mordru was sufficiently occupied with him DS attacked from behind.

30th Century one could take it but it would bea one hell of a fight IMO.
The only 20th century version that might stand a chance of giving Dorm's a reasonable battle would be jssut after DOV. he absorbed quite a bit of the ROE's power to take shazam. I'd still say he looses.
If it was Mordru from when he first assumed Mortal form and absorbed the soul of the Crystaline mage who's body he took. Dorms would stomp hard.
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30th Century Mordu ftw

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@beatboks1: yes,when mordru have galaxies level power this from silver age,and just only once,he never show us galaxies level again

i know this,but the problem is not mordru absorbing some or not,i' m talking about entire silver age charater downplay they are power level,in the silver age or most time silver age,any Kryptonian was true Invulnerability,nothing can hurt them,even they are cant hurt each other,this was different for Bronze Age kryptonian,at least in the silver age late,DC creater a new idea,a superman would be stronger than superwoman just like man stronger than woman,and any kryotonian not true invuinerability anymore,and superman could be have more experience than other kryptonians,i mean,the silver age and silver age late/bronze age was soooo different,in the silver age,any kryptonians was 100% equal to superman,even a female kryptonians could be equal to superman in power level,this is different for bronza age,also in the silver age,superman is true invuinerability,only magic and Kryptonite can hurt him,the kryptonians they are even cant hurt each other,this also different for bronze age kryotonite

my point is,if superman and other kryptonites has a HUGE downplay in the silver age late/BA,i really dont belive mordru or other charater not downplay,also,mordru has galaxies power just from silver age,in the BA,he never have this such power

also,the GDS fight with orion just blow up a planet,even not more powerful than hulk,who also blow up planet in the battle

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@beatboks1: in the silver age late,DC change superman power level,he not true Invulnerability anymore,that why SA composite Superman and SA Validus can hurt superman even ko him,if this story happened in the silver age(not silver age late)they are cant hurt superman,SA superman would be beat him easily,also they are was not have really great feats can match superman,just story need,in the silver age late,if story need,even GA superman can equal to superman in power level

at least,the mordru has galaxies power in the silver age for sure,but not mean in the bronze age he still have this such power,in the silver age late/BA,a lot of Street character can hurt superman even can match him

Infinite man?he feats isnt Impressive

he even not destroy a planet,unless he take a solar system buster ,more like just exaggerate

the silver age and BA has HUGE different

scan prove

in the silver age,superman can just a sneeze out solar system

in the BA,all universe super-hero,there has superboy-prime and PC superman himself,but....

the another sad truth,GDS fight with orion just blow up a planet,nothing Impressive

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After the expert said his word,I should agree with him and say that only 30th century Mordru has a chance of winning.

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@beatboks1: That sounds pretty impressive, i think based on what you are saying 30 Century version would win well almost everything.

When Dormammu defeated Eternity and re-made 616 universe he had a boatload of things going on his favour:

1. There was a shift in cosmic axis, something that occurs randomly, that greatly empowered him and his sister.

2. Dormammu and Umar formed an unholy alliance that allowed Umar's power to flow thru Dormammu, so that amp Dormammu because of cosmic axis shift power twice as much

3. Then he finally found the amulet of ancient one which further enchanced him.

Then he finally took down Eternity, its not a feat he can replicate and both on panel evidence and bio clearly shows Eternity has vastly superior to Dormammu, at the very least a whole level of infinity above him.

Dormammu is there or there abouts in power level with Odin, i would actually favour Odin in a direct confrontation, and his feat off late (or lets say in last 10 years) have been very ordinary.

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@killemall: dormammu is odin level and he beat eternity..?what?

you mean odin>eternity?

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@killemall: dormammu is odin level and he beat eternity..?what?

you mean odin>eternity?

Dormammu is Odin level and Odin is no where close to as powerful as Eternity, same with Dormammu.

Dormammu has never beaten Eternity on his own, and the only time he beat eternity was when he has a huge power boost.

Its like Thanos (with IG) beat Eternity, doesnt mean Thanos can normally beat Eternity.

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I'm not sure what you mean by " galaxy level power" . I take power based on showings. In the Bronze age when Mordru faced the JLA , LoSH and JSA in the JLA cross over he one shotted Classic Dr Fate after he had amped by absorbing energy from both Hal Jordan and Alan Scot ( Fate amped that is) . he called Fate a paltry mage. this is the same fate who in another cross over a year or so either side of that showed a multiversal level feat. this was in 77/8 well untruly BA

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@beatboks1: My point is,if superman and other Kryptonians has HUGE downplay in the silver age late/BA,i think mordru would be downplay too,in the silver age,he was galaxies level (scan from silver age comics book)but in the BA,he maybe not have galaxies power,because the entire silver age charater have a HUGE downplay

Silver age:,any kryptonian was equal to superman on the earth,and superman no more experience than them,a female kryptonian also equal to male krytonian in strength,speed,etc,any kryptonian was true Invulnerability,they are cant hurt each other

Silver age late/Bronze Age level:superman has more experience than other kryptonians,and a superman could be stronger than superwoman just like man stronger than woman,any kryptonian no more true invunlnerability,yes,if you has enough power,you can hurt them'

Dr fate is multiversal level ,this is from SA or BA?i dont know,but i think ABC logic isnt work,they are not same thing,they are power is different,in the BA,have too many PIS,even in the silver age late,SA Validus say he was dozen times stronger than SA superman,and he full power just city buster................................in the silver age late,superman has HUGE Power fluctuation,sometime even some Street character beat him...

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@beatboks1: SA superman and SA supergirl in the classic of silver age,both can solos JLA easily...in the silver age classic,only magic and Kryptonite can hurt them....

but DC change this,in the silver age late,they are make downplay superman power level,a superman would be stronger than superwoman,superman would be have more experience than other Kryptonians,any Kryptonians no more true Invulnerability,superman not overpowered anymore,his PIS power was shut down,he not Invincible anymore in the silver age late,the SA Validus beat him(though he all power just city buster..)

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you really shouldn't try and base everything off Superman and co. Many DC characters were powered up not down during the Bronze Age from their silver age levels. To say that just because Superman had a power down grade everything else did is blatantly wrong. Martian Manhunter for example in the Silver Age never demonstrated much less power he did later, same for green lantern and many more. The multiversal feats for Fate were Bronze age ( as I clearly stated) about 76 to 78. Also Mordru did have "galaxy" and even "universal level" feats in the Bronze age. Just because the word galaxy isn't mentioned in a caption doesn't degrade feats that affect a whole galaxy or universe. Seriously Mordru's BA feats make his 3 SA feats look pretty damn lame

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@beatboks1: the PC MM....he struggling to move the space shuttle...and superman even say he as strong as him....i dont know what happened in the DC writer,but they are just too bad,bad writer in the BA/SA/SA late

yes..but the BA mordru have what feats?i dont know this,universe level?really?i think mordru best power level is galaxies level..

however,when GDS fight with orion,they are blow up a planet,really nothing...world break hulk could be better than this

in my point,SA mordru>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GDS>>>>>>>>>BAmordru

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@beatboks1: is some ABC logic..?bro?BA mordru i never see he have galaxies level power,i mean just like mon-el,Technical he would be equal to Kryptonians but in the SA or BA he never really do some feats can match superman,when mon-el fight with PC superman,this was from BA not SA,in the SA they are never toe with toe to fight,just because in theory a Daxam would be like a kryptonian so mon-el can equal to superman,i dont got this logic,mon-el not kryptonian,daxam is daxam,krytonian is kryptonian,they are physiology is completely different,same thing applies to mordru,just because mordru beat DR fate(who almost multiversal level)not mean he was multiversal level too,they are power origin is different,in the BA a lot of Street character even can match superman ,i think same thing happened in the other hero

however,i think i;m talking too much,my point just one thing,A beat B ,B beat C,this logic not applies to Silver age or BA

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@powerwoman: I'm finding it very hard to follow what your saying with the broken language but I'll try to respond.

1. In the JLA/JSA/LoSH cross over ( a BRONZE AGE story) Mordru is stated to be at half his power. Prior to this he was assaulted and bound by 1000 Mages ( it took a thousand wizards to do this to him). Even at half his power he one shotted Classic fate who had actually increased his power level by absorbing as much energy as Hal Jordan and Alan Scot could produce. This is hte same Dr fate who could create a blast so powerful in the JLA cross over either before or after this one that it's effect could be felt in three universes/ dimensional planes at once. The Same Dr Fate who casually returned the universe to existence when it was reality warped away by Ynar and Vandedamon in Immortal Dr fate. The same Dr fate who recreated every life on earth after it was destroyed in his battle with Totec ( all these feats are Bronze age between 75 and 83).

Do you see how it says he's at half power after the whole population of sorcerers world bound him to this age and the planet earth. Despite being so bound he was still powerful enough that his mere astral projection was able to pierce the veil of time go back and solo the combined JLA and JSA and then Bring them to the 30th century. This is HALF powered Mordru. In the same story while still trapped on Hearth he is able to read most of the minds in the universe to find the prizes he's after. he is also able to warp Space and control the movements of teams of JLA/JSA/LoSH from light years away. All those things are galaxy level feats. He further sealed time so that none of those with the power to do so could leave the current time period without his will. All this in the Bronze age is a half powered Mordru ( who obviously at full power before being so bound and after returning to full power would therefore be beyond "galaxy" level.

Now as to GDS yes he was weaker because he was once again imprisoned by these three teams combined ( after much effort and after the Demons Three assaulted and weakened him even further. That's the same Demons Three that SA Superman who has "galaxy level" destruction feats was unable to harm in the JLA's first encounter with them and who could easily deal with him and the rest of the JLA). So a Half powered Mordru who is further weakened by an attack of three of the most powerful demons in DC is then trapped and weakened further ( by his imprisonment) is eventually the one that DS faces only with a sneak attack and another to divert him in GDS.

If your using GDS as a feat to gauge Mordru that is totally wrong for any age. It took 1000 wizards to lower his power to half and even at half he could one shot an amped Fate. Yet after being attacked by the combined power of the Demons Three with the power of the Bell, Jar and Wheel he was weak enough that Dr fate and White Witch on their own could imprison him in a way that contained him completely. The entire Populous of Sorcerers world couldn't do that to a full powered Mordru.

Now to take it a step further Mordru post COIE is shown to be a complete energy leach able to use any type of power to build his level.

There are others that show him absorbing the power of the ROE while battling an amped Shazam. Or when it showed that he had hunted down and killed many Lords of Order to power up enough to kill Jared Stephens ( Fate - not Dr)

Do you have ANY idea how long it took me to find ALL these issues to get the scans from ???

As Apposed to where he started from in power

Now his peak feat ( again well untruly in the Bronze age )

Sorry I was wrong before. I remembered it as 5. something minutes not seconds.

Please stop lo balling Mordru. As i've said before to @killemall I Don't believe in any Battle that even 30th Century Mordru would start out on Odin or Dormammu's level. I do believe however that the 30th Century one after centuries of building his power and NOT in any weakened state ( as he wasn't when he commenced the drain of Infinite man) would start out powerful enough to at least be able to hold his own until he built upon that power by draining energy from his opponents. That's the way Mordu normally wins even in the 20th Century, it's just that 2th Cent' Mordru would be starting too low on the power totem pole to contend

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@beatboks1: Ok bro..in the your first scan,this not Silver age story,i think this is BA story.like i say,superman have a HUGE downplay in the BA,so.....

WTF, warp Space is galaxy level....?I'm just confused..anyway,bro your scan have BA,post-crisis,i mean this not SA superman...you can see my posts.the BA IS nothing like silver age,anyway,the SA superman some feats even like universe level..

nice scans,but he absorb infinite man power not himself though

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@beatboks1: Gotta applaud the time you have taken in posting the scan, i think we however disagree on the outcome, given the feat you posted Mordru at the least should be able to hold his own against Dormammu, in fact i see Mordru as having a pretty good chance against him really and given the scan of him at 30th century i think that version would beat Dormammu handily.

I understand people in comicvine over-estimate Dormammu, while i honestly believe he is one of the most interesting character to read he isnt anywhere as powerful as people make him out to be, and having read every appearence of Dormammu in 616 reality and most of his appearences outside 616 too i really feel i am in a good position to judge.

Here is a detailed chronology feats of Dormammu, which covers every major feat as well as loses from Dormammu have a look at let me know if you still believe even 30th Century Mordru starts weaker than him.


On a total sidenote: most often when asky why people believe Dormammu is so much superior (and i have seen people believe Dormammu is above Galactus, Celestials and at times even Eternity) people tend to quote Strange Tales 146 and Dormammu's fight with Eternity, without knowing that in subsequent issue it was pretty clearly shows that all Dormammu did was blew himself up and failed to do any damage to Eternity, or Dormammu having beaten Eternity in Defenders 3 ignored the whole context of how ridiculously he was amped, and lastly the Hulk scan (Dormammu should be superior to Hulk anyday) of him freezing Hulk without lifting a figure ignoring that Dormammu was mega amped and was in Dark Dimension when that feat was performed and Hulk manages to KO a weakened Dormammu at the end of the series.

Really anyone who can solo JLA/ JSA together is a good match for Dormammu, who while has soloed Avengers together (while amped by Evil Eye) barring Scarlet Witch, his remaining feat arent as impressive not to mention JLA themselves are a lot superior than Avengers.

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@powerwoman: Absorbing infinte man's power in and of itself is above a galaxy level feat. Because he absorbed far far far more than just a galaxy.

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@beatboks1: - =...OK....i agree the mordru is powerful,but this not mean GDS is powerful,he just blow up a planet...like world break hulk feats,i dont got any impressive idea in his feats...

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@powerwoman: I already stated that in Great Darkness Sage he is GREATLY weakened. I even showed the scans to prove it. He was weakened before the battle with the three hero team. weakened further by the demons three, and then weakened even more by being entrapped. The Mordru that DS encountered in GDS would have been like a quarter of his normal power level at that time.

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@beatboks1: a normal mordru how powerful?galaxies level?i mean,if he was galaxies level in the normal power,even just quarter of his normal power level,the GDS should be destroy a dozen planets in battle,but he just blow up a poor planet..even nothing more impressive than world break hulk,who fight with red she hulk destroy a planet..