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The orginal Doomsday destroys both
The later revised version of Doomsday gets a slap in the face, then starts crying and sucking his thumb

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I think Doomsday . The team might have a small chance here , but the winning would cost them their lives . 

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the team can only win via dimension dump, otherwise the blondie and donkey face gets a beat down here

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Despite my Avatar, i have to say DD would win in a hard fought battle.  Maybe if Thor uses the Belt of strength and his Asgardian armour

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DD wins

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Doomday wins
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Doomsday should win this one
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Strenght is in numbers, if they attack him together they may have a chance. But doomsday would win 7 out of 10 times.

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DD usualy fights all of the JLA .. this 2 are dead meat.
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due to both having magic weapons & unleashing it (op didn't specify where fight was so people may not die) thor & beta ray have a chance it they don't attack him head on & use there battle strategy. won't be easy, but it can be done.
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*UGH* This is the same as EVERY other doomsday vs. thread ever made. Doomsday loses until they run out of different ways to kill him. Boring.

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thor,s new outfit is really cool in his latest comics  
Doomsday 4 the kill

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This is from the up coming thor film. Looks like the picture up top. Looks great!!!!
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Doomsday if its hunter prey

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dd for the win

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DD barely wins

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DD wins but at first thor and beta bill ray beat him but then he evolves

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Doomsday ftw

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If DD can beat JLA & Supes, he shouldn't have a whole lot of trouble with these 2.

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All of Asgaurd greives over the loss of the God of Thunder. Good match up though.