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Ok, so scenario is Dr. Fate banishes Doomsday to another dimension in the Universe and Doomsday wind's up in STU lol. While floating through space he hits a space ship, kills everyone and everything on it but the Borg encounters it and wants to assimilate everything on it. There, they encounter Doomsday.

This is The Borg at their best, adaption and such vs. H/P Doomsday!

Who wins? How and why?


One is instant encounter, who wins?

Doomsday vs. The entire Borg

Second BATTLE:

Borg have 6 hours prep to deal with Doomsday

Who wins? Battle takes place in Space/Borg Ship

The Borg:



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lol I take it not many st fans on here huh?

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This deserves a bump.

Going with Doomsday because he can only be defeated by BFR.

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Doomsday not the first time he drove an intelligent alien race to extinction.

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I would have to go with the Borg saying that they are very numerous and adaptable, and have one of the most advanced arsenals in star trek. one mega-meta cannot hope to overcome a whole galaxy-spanning superculture that has been waging wars their entire history with little to none resistance, they are just to much to overcome as a megapopulation. I have to admit though in Doomsday's special case resistance isn't futile.

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Borg can't adapt to physical attacks.

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You guys know that once Doomsday is killed, he can't be killed the same way again.

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