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Doomsday has beaten Darkseid to a pulp with nothing but brute force. Can he do the same to Thanos?

Doomsday is strong and powerful enough to beat Darkseid in hand-to-hand combat (as I said), he is almost invulnerable to physical and mental damage and he can move to fast for the entire Justice League to handle.

Thanos is so strong he has destroyed planets with the force of his blows, he has withstood attacks from Thor and Silver Surfer without getting injured, and thanks to his immense strength and advanced musculature he has superhuman speed, agility and limitless stamina.

Who takes this? Also, remember that Thanos also uses intelligence at range in battle, and his mind is possibly his most dangerous weapon.


They can use any of their powers to their advantage, but keep it unarmed combat.

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I like the OP scans... Doomsdays trashes Darkseid while Thanos plays with IM+Beast+Thing and Thor combo, lol!

Without some serious tech Thanos takes it in the face and dies! Doomsday wins (doesn't the scan show H/P Doomsday?)

good day

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Damn... Darkseid got owned. Without prep or tech, Thanos would lose but with prep, he wins.

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Thanos. And it won't be a close match.

Darkseid, Superman and DD - neither have planet level feats. Thanos defeated star-buster in strength contest that destroyed planet (Drax) and it was before his first death after which he was amped by Death.

Thor without Power Gem was able to fight with Drax (who had Power Gem) to a draw, while Drax was able to one-shot Champion. Champion in that story destroyed a planet, ergo already was in league above Doomsday, Darkseid and Superman. That is nothing compared to Thor, let alone Thanos.