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  • No morals
  • No BFR
  • Bloodlust on
  • After u tell me the victor tell me which one's powers u would rather hv

    Evolved Abilities/Adaptation

    Over his many lifetimes, Doomsday has acquired many abilities:

    • Telepathic Immunity- Doomsday seemed to have been stopped in his tracks by Martian Manhunter's telepathy, but overcame it after taking a few punches.
    • Kryptonite Immunity- Doomsday had a weakness to Kryptonite due to his Kryptonian origin, but he overcame that weakness after exposure.
    • Fire Breathing- Doomsday developed fire breath in order to defeat Martian Manhunter, and later used the same ability against Superman.
    • Intangibility Bypass- While being controlled by Brainiac, Doomsday was able to bypass Martian intangibility
    • Energy Aura- When faced by the energy being Radiant, who first killed him, Doomsday evolved an energy aura that was capable of canceling out the Radiant's energy and destroy him.
    • Energy Feedback- Waverider attempted to shut down whatever Doomsday uses as a nervous system. Unfortunately for him, Doomsday was able to cause an energy feedback, overwhelming Waverider with his own energies and knocking him out.
    • Bone Projectiles- In Hunter/Prey, Superman uses his flight advantage against Doomsday, only to find that Doomsday evolved a bone projectile that penetrated Superman's shoulder. These projectile were still connected, like a harpoon, and Doomsday used them to reel Superman back in

which ever doomsday has the stuff above is the on i wont in this fight.

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Darkseid rapes him. He blasts him out of existence, since the only time they fought was an avatar, and not his full power. And PC and Post Crisi Darkseid are the same, it was just retconned that Post Crisis he never bothered to fully manifest, and then that he never fully manifested ever, until FC. So, Darkseid takes this with ease. He is at minimum a Silver-Age Kryptonian level in strength, and faster than Flash.

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Ds has already fried him before

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@The_Imperator: didn't know but thx

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Doomsday wrecks.

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@NeonGameWave: Always that one guy. The little duckling that has to stray from the pack. xD

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@18hunt: Yes, and it was a non-full powered Avatar

@NeonGameWave: Not really. Darkseid blasts him to nothingness, or beats him up to a pulp, or mind controls him and has him kill himself.

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@The_Imperator: Doomsday returns and then beats him until his skull emerges.

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@NeonGameWave: No, as Darkseid can just BFR him, or mind control him. And Doomsday didn't come back from Imperiex blasting him whithout outside help, and Darkseid "I crush the mutliverse by existing" Lord of Apokalips is definitely above Imperiex feat wise.

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PC Darkseid is far more powerful than modern Darkseid. He can erase modern Doomsday with OB.

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@The_Imperator: no bfr

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@MFrenzy11: Ah, thanks, didn't see that :) Darkseid can still just blast Doomsday out of existence. His Omega Beams could hurt the Anti-Monitor, which is a greater feat than Doomsday getting killed by imperiex.

EDIT: And to answer the OP, Doomsday's. AS Darkseid I would have to be wary of so many other high level beings. As Doomsday, I can stay a street leveler by not getting involved, and do pretty well.

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@NeonGameWave said:

@The_Imperator: Doomsday returns and then beats him until his skull emerges.

This is exactly one of the things I have a problem with in battle forms! People constantly make the argument that Doomsday will just come back later and beat his opponents a**. Once Doomsday is dead the fight is over and his enemy has long since left and it takes time for him to fully regenerate.(unless its hunter/prey) We need to focus on the fight at hand and not what may or may not come.

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@The_Imperator: Hurt the anti monitor DAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN

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@MFrenzy11: Here is the scan:

Basically, the Anti-Monitor had just been attacked by near omnipotent Specter, Silver Age superman, and everyone else, and he still came out with just his armor burned off and weakened like crazy. And Darkseid believed no one else could stop him at that point, after watching what the heroes did to get him to that point, but himself, so he shot the Omega Beams through Alexander Luthor and almost KOs him, though in the end E2 Superman gets the final blow IIRC. So he didn't hurt full powered AM, but even Darkseid believed that the heroes, who he had before believed could stop the AM, would fail.

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PC Darkseid is how he should really be portrayed. I'd take his abilities in a snap. I hate characters like Failsday and his cop out powers.

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lol failsday