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Location: A desert (I don't know)

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A bit more detail would be helpful, as without it, it's hard to make a decision imo.

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What version of Doomsday?

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It depends on the version of Doomsday. Most wouldn't be able to break Perfect Susano'o. I give it to madara.

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I have no idea how anyone could ever think that Madara would have a shot at winning this, even with Perfect Susano'o+Kyuubi. Doomsday would explode Madara's head with one punch. He could even tear Madara's Sharingans/Rinnegans out with the spikes on his arms. There is absolutely no way Madara can win this. Naruto characters are simply not in the same league as Doomsday level characters, save for maybe Rikudou Sennin, but no one even knows the full extent of his power yet.

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@shiryu: With all those bonuses and if he had to face just DoS Doomsday i could definitely see Madara having a chance.

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Doomsday stomps

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To say that is almost suggesting that Madara could beat Superman, which is definitely not true.

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I prefer Madara as a character, but he doesn't stand a chance.

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If this is EMS Madara, this fight will never end.

If this is Madara when he was alive, Doomsday slaughters his a$$!!

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@shiryu: no it's not. If Superman would've went all out from the beginning it woulda been a quick first death doomsday.

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Fair enough. My logic was flawed. But, I still don't think Madara has a chance at beating Doomsday.

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Depends on the version of Doomsday as well. H/P was literally unstoppable.

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@shiryu: And I think he does, lol. All opinionated though.

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@shiryu: Of course, we could debate this.

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I'd rather not, because finding scans online for me to argue my point would be too difficult and I'm willing to agree to disagree.

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Madara dies horribly. He has nothing that could put doomsday down for good. Only version that could do something is edo.

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Doomsday wrecks.

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If it's DoS Doomsday it would be 80/100 for him

If it's H/P doomsday.....1000000/10 for him

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@god_spawn Another mismatch for you. More like a stomp actually.

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There is absolutely nothing from Madara's arsenal which can hurt Doomsday.