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I know cartoon Cartoon versions have never been done, settings: doomsday is after gravaton in marvel city 1v1 solo no help etc

Added video just to make sure :D




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I must think about this .Cool Battle by the way

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Gravaton wins this

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I believe Gravaton would win via BFR.

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Graviton just turns off gravity for animated Doomsday and lets him hurtle into space, or simply increases it until Doomsday can't move. As animated Doomsday never showed himself to be as strong as EMH Hulk and doesn't have a Hulk-factor, he won't be getting up again. Also, I doubt Doomsday can put out as much hurt as EMH Thor did when he obliterated half of New York city in one beam. Until then Graviton seemed to be fine.

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Graviton wins.

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ok gravaton wins

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Probably Graviton, since JLU Doomsday wasn't half as impressive as comic Doomsday.

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Graviton Ftw