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Premise: H/P Doomsday, Lobo, Juggernaut, and Savage Hulk vs the entire DC and Marvel universe


1. No one who can fly.

2. No magic.

3. No reality/time manipulators.

4. No BFR. All out brawl.

Purpose: Taking out the powerhouses who can fly, use magic, and can alter time and reality, are there any left to defeat this team?

Round 1: No prep time allowed.

Round 2: Prep time allowed although casualties will pile up. Hope you're okay with that.

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I think the DC and Marvel would win

The team dosn't have any big thinkers and they would just be trying to destroy any/everything

While The uni's have many very smart people that could come up with a plan of some sort

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i dont see how someone could take doomsday out in this very situation.

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Speedsters could do some damage, and some of the more powerful telepaths, too. And you've got plenty of bruisers left, like the rest of the Hulk family, Colossus, Grundy, Thing, etc. I don't think they could take down the entirety of both universes.

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hulk goes down first

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Team should go down pretty easily in both rounds. There are way too many prep masters who can come up with something during the course of the battle. And of course, the speedsters can cause a lot of trouble and damage. Then there are mimics, teleporters etc. I can see every one eventually getting defeated except Doomsday who can only be defeated by extreme amount of prep.

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Speedsters solo....Infinity mass punch, speed steal, vibrate through them...

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darkseid solos