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Both on a random encounter, without the avengers to help tony out this time.

Who wins?

(the only similar battle that has been made was this but it really shouldn't count)

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Doom. Curb tap dance

#3 Posted by Vance Astro (89265 posts) - - Show Bio

If there is no prep..I think Iron Man owns Doom.

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umm, mind saying why? scenario?

and btw, I'm going the fight they had where sentry interfered but without any bystanders, just Iron man and doom going all out. Ironman was about to lose and then Sentry came along, so what makes you think Ironman will beat doom?

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Iron man has nothing to deal with Doom's mystical powers. And I do not think Iron Man can penetrate Doom's shields.

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This has been done several times, use search.