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Doctor Doom


Etrigan the Demon


  • Morals are on
  • Random encounter
  • Win by KO/Death/Incapacitation
  • Standard gear


  • Both begin visible
  • Begin 100 feet apart
  • Fight takes place here:

Who wins and why?

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No prep and random encounter, I will give the battle to Etrigan.

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no prep? Etrigan one shots Victor to the moon...

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Yeah this is hard... Doom is very good improvising but this is Etrigan... Etrigan takes this 7/10

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Doom looks lame in that picture. I'd be inclined to give a small majority to Etrigan but no stomping or 1-shotting.

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Probably Etrigan by a majority. More versatile. Although I think Doom has higher magic feats than Etrigan. I don't think it is a stomp.

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@supermanwithatan01: why Etrigan couldn't one shot Victor to the moon with one shot as he has done so against Supes? You think Doom has better durability against blunt force trauma than Supes?

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Etrigan, by so many levels.

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No prep for Doom? Etrigan runs away with this. No way in a random encounter is Doom going to cast a spell(s) better than something that actually lives in Hell.

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@capall2: His best feat of durability is surviving a blast from IG Thanos.

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@bronze_surfer: that is showing durability against energy based attacks, quite different against blunt force trauma...besides we don't know the extent of how powerful that blast was since if Thanos wanted to actually kill Doom with a blast fron the IG, I'm pretty sure it would be non issue...

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@capall2: Dooms beaten Hulk twice and Cosmic Hulk down physically here. He withstood a battle with the mad celestials which Etrigan is a flea to. His shields are more than capable of protecting him from Superman level hits for some time. We don't know anything about the Infinity Guantlet blast but I think we're being a bit picky if we're suggesting that even a meager blast from a Universal busting object is less than Etrigan.

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Doom could possibly win if he manages to change Etrigan to human form, like he did to Skaar. He also has a built-in energy draining device.

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No prep = Etrigan slaughters Doom

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Etrigan wins with ease.

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etrigan wins

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@omgomgwtfwtf: Actually Etrigan and Jason switch places with a rhyme. Which Doom doesn't know about.

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@supermanwithatan01: Doom beating Hulk has nothing to do with this battle as Etrigan can handle Hulk easy as well...Celestials can stomp both Etrigan and Doom at the same time provided Doom has no prep...

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@capall2: I was asked for a durability feat, the Hulk is a durability feat it's not complicated. Doom survived the mad celestials without prep, Etrigan has no feats remotely close to that. Durability Doom could hold his own. That's my point.

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@supermanwithatan01: re-read my post (question) above...you didn't answer my question...again regarding energy based attacks vs physical blunt force trauma attacks were differentiated...

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@capall2: Your posts to me were about blunt force trauma... i think youre confusing me with another. Anyway, Doom can siphon energy from the most powerful beings in marvel, he doesn't need prep to do that. And I've already given you the physical stuff. Going toe to tow with Ben Grimm (under rated physically), Hulk, Thor, even Ghost Rider (whose penance stare didn't even work..) etc. He's more than capable of defending himself from a beast like that.

You were posting at bronztiger up top. Not me.

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Doom, his magic is always ready on the go, he doesn't need too much prep, he has battled dr strange without prep. Etrigan might have more raw power, but he loses because of incompatence

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Luke Cage and the Thing have manhandled Doom in the past. Etrigan will tear him apart.

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Since when is Etrigan incompetent? He is thousands of years old and has been doing nothing but causing chaos in hell since he was born. Etrigan is also a more than capable sorcerer, he just usually doesn't feel like using magic because he likes killing with his hands. Etrigan was part of the Cinque of Cosmic Power with Darkseid, Doctor Fate, Orion, and Highfather. The Demon is anything but incompetent.

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How come Doom not dying from a blast from the Infinity Gauntlet is considered a good showing for Doom and not a bad one for the Gauntlet?

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