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Doc Samson

Doc Samson by Whilce Portacio



Kratos is unharmed and is at the Physical levels he exhibited throughout God of War 3.

Win by K.O or Death.

Morals Off.


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Kratos is unarmed remember, so its basically a H2H fight only.

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Kratos should win.

0:01 - 0:03

1:20 - 2:12

4:05 - 5:11

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@NeonGameWave said:

I definitely feel that it could go either way, but concerning Neptune, he didn't display any strength feats when not in his water construct and was greatly weakened when Kratos confronted him.

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Doc samson survived fights with Hulk i think he can do this .Doc Samson Ftw

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the god of war wins easy

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@laflux: I dont know... Doc is impressive, I showed Scans many times on here of his Classic feats, but Kratos may be better fighter.

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Btw, it says unharmed in the OP, not unarmed. May want to edit that. :)

Anywho, I'm guessing Kratos doesn't have the power of Hope? I only ask, because it basically makes him invincible.

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Figure I post these to show off Samson feats a bit.

This Guy has fought Savage Hulk 6 different times and match him every time.

Here samson vs Unas the Untouchable. Shows off that clever Thinking.

Here Samson fights Hulk Buster Team by SHIELD.

Samson 1st Battle with the Mindless Savage Hulk (Same Hulk who got the best of the Avengers 3 out of 4 Battles).

Second Battle and boy does Samson really held on against this Enraged Mindless Savage Hulk.

Samson 1st battle against Savage Hulk When Re powered. Does more than well.

Samson again holding his own very easily against Savage Hulk who is **** off.

As mention before Samson showed way more fighting skill as well.

Samson Lifts over a 100 tons of Building with little problem.

Here Doc Samson Throws off Silver Centurion Iron Man, Hercules, Namor, and Wonder Man!

Samson can perfrom the T-Clap.

So over all I think Doc Samson can win this for sure.

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Sampson may be stronger but kratos outclasses him in skill by a lot. I'd say he can seal the deal with Sampson considering what he did to Hercules. He wins

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@CadenceV2: Yeah it was your feats which made me think this was a fair match up lol.

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@laflux: aw thanks lol.

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Doc Samson is overall more skilled than Kratos in unarmed combat.

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ummmm I honestly don't know. doc has wrestled with some of the strongest beings in his universe which are much stronger than the people in kratos universe....

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Doc Samson would overpower Kratos in a long fight. No weapons for Kratos spells his doom. I am willing to bet that a thunderclap could incap him long enough for a pretty gruesome win for Doc.