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Queen of the Inhumans



Iron Age

Battle Scenario 1: Doc Samson, frustrated that he doesn't increase in strength or mass with elevated adrenaline levels, decides to expose himself to the legendary Terrigen Mists. He has run multiple simulations and is certain that his increased resistance to radiation will reduce the possible side effects or gradual wearing off effect associated with human exposure to the mists. Samson travels to the Blue Area of the Moon and is able to bribe and smuggle himself to the chamber of the mists when he is discovered by Medusa. Unfortunately for her, Doc Samson has already mindcontrolled the guards over the doors accessing to the mists and they place a mind-control collar onto Medusa. Just as Doc Samson is about to enter, Captain Britain arrives via a portal from the Omnimatrix.

Battle Scenario 2: Medusa arrives and she avoids being mindcontrolled yet she and Doc Samson tussle and their fight spills over into the chamber. Normally immune to the effects of the mists, Medusa has exposed cuts and bloodflow and her blood and strains of hair mingle with Doc Samson's DNA as the Mists envelope him. He is able to swing Medusa around and out into the adjoining chamber but he has successfully mutated further: he now has his original dependence on hair length as a strength marker but can grow his hair to immeasurable lengths! Medusa is unconscious when Captain Britain arrives to defeated the mutated Doc Samson!

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So from what I gather this is a Dark Sampson and Mind Control Medusa (Morals off basically).

Scenario 1 would be Dark Sampson and Medusa (no Morals) vs Captain Britain.

The Team wins.

Scenario 2 would be just Dark Sampson with Hulk increasing Strength vs Captain Britain.

Sampson wins quite handily.

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The first scenario won't be a quick battle considering Captain Britain's powerset following his resurrection. Whereas before his powers were weapon and suit-based, Merlyn resurrected Brian and made his prior powers innate. Doc Samson has always been in the 70 ton lifter class with the capacity to increase with adrenaline and hair extension. However, the current Doc doesn't possess that capacity and his ceiling is 70. Captain Britain however is in the 90 ton class, plus he can fly and extend his force field, which will be an enormous assist against Medusa's tendrils. Captain Britain's current powerset places him among Earth's strongest and with his confidence high (similar to Gladiator of the Shiar), I believe Captain Britain would be about to maintain long-range offense and overpower Samson physically and either knock Medusa unconscious or break the mind-control device. The most dangerous variable in this battle is intelligence. Captain Britain has years of leadership and field experience with multiple teams and has utilized the technology of Otherworld to traverse Earths so he's not a slacker in the brains dept. And Doc Samson is a doctor in psychology with field experience so he should be able to prepare battle strategies, however Captain Britain's arrival is unplanned for so that works against Samson.

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1. Britain

2. Britain

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Bryan wins. Flight will be a big advantage.