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Classic Abomination, Classic Doc Samson.


Current She Hulks.

Battle in the Arena of DOOM!

In Character. Who Wins?

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Red she hulk last I saw her helped hulk destroy a planet and was stated to be equal to the world breaker himself iirc....not sure what current Betty does but i think she can solo. All though I am not the hulk expert.

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@jashro44: Doc Samson is a base Savage Hulk in stats but thru skill and agility has more than held off Mindless Savage Hulk who trashed the Avengers 3 separate Times before Plot Device. Then Abomination... is Abomination. Tho I should Clarify Classic Abomination. I know nothing of Abomination current or last seen levels.

Also Savage Hulk has tank World crushing attacks.

Galaxy Master was like a half a$$ Galactus and he destroyed many planets with ease. Yet his best couldnt end Savage Hulk.

Also a weaker Grey Hulk manage to bust a Asteroid larger than earth.

So Red She Hulk colliding with World Breaker Hulk to blow a Planet is not a SUPER Game Changer.

Also I believe she had to amp to that point.

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I don't know to much about red shehulk but Jen has great skill and is stronger then she used to be but she doesn't have very good durability.

Because of my knowledge on Samson and Abomination I'm going to give this fight to them.

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By "classic" is this first appearance Abomination?