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Morals off.

Fight to the death.

Set at the graveyard at the end of Sergio Leone's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

They both arrive on horseback at the center (showdown circle, about 40m diameter) each with a fully loaded six-shooter and no other weapons.

Dr. Schultz's Dynamite loaded wagon is in the centre, will explode with one bullet.

The dead of night, Django and Schultz both have lanterns, the wagon is well lit as are the entrances at either side of the circle.

Il Buono et Buono, who will win?

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The Doc should be more experienced when it comes to gun fights and what not. Though Django had an uncanny aim for someone who had never fired a gun before. If he somehow manages to get in close enough, his strength and youth should help him overpower Schultz. But as I said. Schultz has been in the game for a minute and is still (in my opinion) most likely to be better then Django where it counts. Yes. Django did kill an entire house full of people, but they were somewhat caught off guard. The dr is well aware of the situation, and is still quick enough to put his young partner down.

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The Doc, he always had hidden guns and overall more experience. He really knew what he was doing. Django was a natural, and very good, but I don't think he was quite on the Doc's level yet.

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The Doc gets my vote, Django was lucky as hell in that ending shootout, how somehow ALL the bullets missed him. 

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@The Stegman
yeah i found that part annoying, the fact that no bullet got to him is absurd, even on the levels of comical and silly characters like rambo and matrix(commando) even the took a bullet lol.
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Doc Schultz ftw

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Doc wtf

if they get prepare time then

Doc stomps

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Well seeing as there's no mention of any prep time, I'd go for Django. He could easily shoot Doc with tremendous speed and accuracy before Doc could even draw his gun.

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I though this thred was talking about the this Django.

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I have to go with Django here, Schultz said it himself, Django is "the fastest gun in the South".