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Divine Spawn as when he became equal to God and Satan in power.


Current Odin

Battle over Earth and its inhabitants.

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What are Divine Spawn feats? Some scans would be also appreciated.

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Odin. Divine Spawn was spent after a planetary level attack.

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Well... There so many....

Spawn Powers

Scan 1-2: Psychoplasma is described as a Supernatural Reality Warping Substance with really no limit as long you have the supply.

Scan 3-4: Houdini Explains Magic itself is a lie so convincing that the Universe believes its true.

Spawn Typical Feats

Scan 1: Missing Limbs are still in his power.

Scan 2: Danger Sense Spidey Style.

Scan 3: Heals all damage with a touch.

Scan 4: Hell Blast Bombs.

Scan 5: Hell Blast at max can melt the Heavenly Gates of St. Peter.

Scan 6: Illusion Casting.

Scan 7: Transmutation and Invisibility.

Scan 8-9: Spawn can pay back the pain of Others caused by one or payback his experiences and pain to another thru touch. Basically a Penance Stare by touch.

Scan 10-11: Spawn Teleports inside someone and rips out of his body. Nuke Proof Vest and all.

Scan 12-13: Poison uour Blood with a touch.

Scan 14: Raise a Forest from Earth.

Scan 15: Raise the Dead.

Scan 16: Reality Warps for a case of Beer.

Scan 17: Shape Changing.

Scan 18; Size Shifting and Storm Casting.

Scan 19: Time Stopping.

Also Feat from Malbolgia are applicable to Spawn as there power is the same source and Spawn surpass Malbolgia when he killed him.

Scans 1-2: Phasing in and out of Space and Time to Forceful BFR Spawn to another area of Earth.

Scan 3: Size Increase

Scan 4: Unlimited Regenerative Ability

Scan 5: Telepathy on a World Level Somewhere in Time.

Scan 6: Restores Spawn powers and life and Teleports him back to Earth.

Now keep in mind all these Feats are Spawn during his Classic Street Level Days to King of Hell of the 8th Sphere Days.

As Divine Spawn he rivals God and Satan in power and surpasses the power level and limits to a World Level.

As seen some key points are God and Satan are much higher than Malbolgia or any King of Hell..

Satan alone created 9 worlds of Hell called Spheres.

So here Spawn is easily matching and shrugging off their blows. He is also immortal as Man of Miracles said. Cannot be destroyed fully at this point like God and Satan. Spawn also used his power to destroy ALL life on the planet. Humans, Animals, Plants, ect all in one blow.

So this is the Spawn I am talking about.

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@god_spawn said:

Odin. Divine Spawn was spent after a planetary level attack.

True. I think its fair enough since a more current Odin was spent vs a Average Galactus too. :)

I just dont think Galaxy Buster Odin of the classic days is the same as Odin of current time. Best I seen him do since 2000s and onward is redirect a Multiversal attack. Which doesn't impress me as much when redirecting is not that impressive as causing said attack.

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Example being Zuko cant produce lightning but any Joe Shmoe can redirect it with knowledge on how to.

Unless Odin done something much more Impressive currently?

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@CadenceV2: Zuko and Odin are 2 completely different things and I haven't seen anything to suggest Odin is weaker than he is, or at least to the point this Spawn is much of a threat. I'm borderline about to lock this for spite.

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@god_spawn: Well its your call. I know your a Spawn fan as well. I just will say I think Current Odin would be a fair match for Divine Spawn :)

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@CadenceV2: Locking then.