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If the Avengers have Thor or Hulk. This is a stomp. Hulk solos. For obvious reasons

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Hercules...no brainer.

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Hercules tosses them into space. You never disabled BFR and none of the Avengers are packing apples.

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@tifalockhart: He could just pretty much one shot them all too, his strength is ridiculous...but then that isn't surprising.

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@wolfrazer: I agree. Apple incident aside, he was shown to be extremely durable. And when he got his immortality? He's too OP.

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Herc wins and than celebrates with Phil.

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@tifalockhart: Even when he lost his strength due to Hades deal too, he was still very durable when he fought against the Cyclops, being flung around and still staying conscious. With his strength he wins, with his full godhood he stomps them all.

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feats for hercules? I never saw the movie.

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LOL Hercules has a little fun then stomps em all :D

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@wolfrazer: And all he got are bruises and not even a fractured bone.

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He throttled Pain and Panic when he was a baby and had just drank all but one drop of a formula designed by Hades to rob him of his godhood.

As a teen he wrecked a plaza by accident.

He fought that centaur dude, I forget his name.

He defeated Cerberus.

And he is the reason Hades can't take over the cosmos. He tossed the Titans into space.

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@tifalockhart: He also lifted a giant boulder, jumped high with it and blocked a volcano from erupting. He also caused a rockslide when fighting the hydra, beat every monster that Hades threw at him and ya...the Titan thing, I kinda lol'd at that part...infact the movie wasn't on that long ago! Just finished watching it.

Don't remember much from his Animated series though.

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Herc oneshots every single one of them. I don't think the Avengers even have the means to hurt him.

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@wolfrazer: All I remember is the Merv Griffin Show, and that Hades somehow knew Hercules was alive. Continuity is ruined!

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Yeah, Hercules wins, pretty easily.

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Would come down to Herc vs. Hulk or vs. thor, but since he is OP Hercules wins