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Batman is away for a year. In this time, Gordon brings on a transfer from San Fran, Harry Callahan. He's already killed Mad Hatter, Penguin, Poison Ivy and Man-Bat. Can he successfully clean up the most screwed up city on Earth?

Just to avoid confusion, it's modern-day characters at their modern levels, but in '70s time-era, so Harry is at his prime.

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I think Harry can do some damage here in Gotham City but I dont know if he can just clean up the whole town. Batman has been trying to do that for years. I cant see Clint Eastwood coming in here and just doing what The Dark Knight couldnt fully do.

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I think the general consensus is that Dirty Harry shoots people in the face, which would greatly add him in cleaning up the crime.

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It seems like they've deleted some posts in this thread.