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Here is the list. If you don't know who the character is look them up.

mewtwo vs seraphimon

fanglongmon vs giratina

rayquaza vs gigaseadramon

arceus vs zeedmilleniumon

mega charizard x vs blackwargreymon

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If you don't know who the character is look them up.

greatest instructions ever

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Yes because looking them up will explain everything.

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You're using digimon with little to no screen time and putting them against pokemon with one or more movies dedicated to them. It makes it a bit one sided. I'll try though. I'll also be using anime versions, since that's what I'm familiar with and have ready access to via Youtube.

mewtwo vs seraphimon - Seraphimon really doesn't have any good showings. His best feats are from being Angemon and MagnaAngemon, and even then those two usually only perform exceedingly well when they are fighting evil digimon, as they get a considerable amp when doing so. Mewtwo comes in with a more versatile powerset, superior speed, and a destructive output that can rival most Megas. Unless someone can find Seraphimon actually fighting something without getting beaten in under a minute, this goes to Mewtwo rather handily.

fanglongmon vs giratina - On the one hand, Fanglongmon doesn't have any combat feats as far as I know. On the other it's scales are made up of the Chrome Digizoid Metal, which is suppose to boast "Absolute Hardness" and be indestructible. I dunno about that, but even IF Giratina can't damage Fenlongmon, Giratina should be able to BFR him to the Reverse World. Fanglongmon is exceptionally slow and likely can't fly, so that'd be the end of that.

rayquaza vs gigaseadramon - GigaSeadramon is another digimon with no feats to his name. He almost exclusively appears in the games. I watched the MetalSeadramon fights since this is basically a much larger, more powerful version of MetalSeadramon. Composed again of Chrome Digizoid, I'm not sure how well Rayquaza will do in damaging him. GigaSeadramon can also fit other digimon inside himself, and can be used as an aircraft carrier, so I'll assume he's considerably larger than Rayquaza. MetalSeadramon's River of Power was just as destructive as Raqyaza's hyper beam spam, only MetalSeadramon was also plowing through groups of ultimate level digimon like they were toddlers and one shotting the Digidestined digimon left and right. All in all, I'd give it to GigaSeadramon due to MetalSeadramon's showings and the assumed power we can draw from that.

arceus vs zeedmilleniumon - Zeedmillenniumon doesn't have any anime feats. From what I'm gathering it's appeared in the manga, where it was indestructible save for the inside. It also seems to have the power to banish enemies in a dimension outside of space time. I really don't have enough information to make a call here.

mega charizard x vs blackwargreymon - Mega Charizard is no joke, and both have the power of flight and some strong offense, but BlackWargreymon has at least one potential mountain buster showing off the top of my head, can move pretty darn fast when in flight, and has been known to effortlessly toss around creatures many times larger than most pokemon. His armor is also made of Chrome Digizoid, like his counterpart WarGreymon, which is the strongest metal in the Digimon universe. It can only be damaged by the most powerful attacks and other objects made of Chrome Digizoid. More importantly though, he has a huge type advantage. His Dramon Slayer gauntlets give him an attack increase when fighting dragons, and Mega Charizard X is a dragon type. Power Equivalency should work here.

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For the most part Digimon stomp. Zeed is too much for Arceus