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Poll: Dick Greyson vs Jason Todd! (10 votes)

Dick would try and kill Jason (and Succeed) 20%
Dick would try and kill Jason (and Fail) 10%
Dick would try and bring Jason's unconscious body to Mask (and Succeed) 40%
Dick would try and bring Jason's unconscious body to Mask (and Fail) 0%
Jason would Try and kill Dick (and Succeed) 10%
Jason would Try and kill Dick (and Fail) 50%
Jason would sacrifice himself for Dick 10%


Dick gets info from a mobster of Black Mask that Barbara Gordon is in his custody and since Jason has been doing a fine job offing Mask's goonies he's cutting his business pretty badly. Naturally the condition to rescue Barbara is... to bring Mask Jason's body... dead or alive.

Meanwhile, Jason has gotten info from Mask as well. This time, it's Batman who's in Mask's custody. The condition, killing Dick.


Would Dick kill or give Jason's body to Mask (who would definately torture him first and then kill him personally) to save Barbara? Would Jason kill Dick to save his adoptive father? (even though Dick counts as his adoptive Brother) And mor especially, even with the intention, who would succeed?

Let's find out! (Multiple Choice)

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I don't think Jason would even bother to save Batman considering the way they left things in Batman and Robin, but if he was I'd take him over Nightwing

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Nightwing has and will beat redhood

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I doubt Jason would kill Dick, but I also doubt he would seemingly last long against him either. He has no memories right now, hates the fact that he was a killer, and all we have seen from him is killing one creature with the All-blades, getting stomped by Cheshire and running from the League of Assassins. Pre- Tynion/Tomasi Todd I say they completely go a different route.

So I pick option H. Dick and Jason will be going after one an other pretty hard, they always have. But they have always talked in their fights. And I see little reason both won't end up noticing something is off about the other or Jason would notice Dick is fighting with more dangerous intent than normal and both would end up spilling the beans and then they decide to team up. So Jason or Dick plays dead while the other carries them into the meeting with Black Mask and they light they light the place up and save Babs and Batman.

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I think Dick wins

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I like this kind of thread. Is it allowed?

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Is Cheshire above Lady Shiva in combat?

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Hard one but I'll go with Nightwing

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