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Dexter heards on the news about another Red John crime and decides to put an end to this story.

Who will win?

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@Hohenzollern: hmmm...I would say NO

Jane is smarter than Dexter, if he has problem even identify RJ... I don't think Dexter can 'End' him.

even if he could identifies RJ, he can't kill him..as we know, RJ is a powerful man, he probably has dozens of bodyguards protecting him...

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I agree.RJ is powerful but I don't believe that when he wants to kill he takes a limo to the victim's house.

Dexter could use a bait to attract the attention of RJ,like in that episode when Jane makes that killer to insult him on TV.Sorry for my grammar,english is not my native language.

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Use Comic Characters / At least one Comic Character per battle

In case you didn’t know, this site was made for comics. It would follow that the majority of fights should be comic related. This isn’t to say that only comic fights are allowed and all others will be locked, but keep in mind what most of us are here for. Also, keep silly battles to a minimum - Aunt May vs. Odin is fun once in a while, but gets tiring if overused. Your battle must at least have one comic character or character who has been in a comic in order for it to be considered a battle, If it is Will Smith Vs DR Dre this should be in the off topic section and not in the battle forums.

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OK,I hope that a mod will see this and move it to off-topic section.

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Red John.

Gets chopped on Dexter's table.