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Round 1-Dexter and Rita adopt Esther. Does the family survive. Can Dexter get rid of Esther without raising any alarms.

Round 2- Esther and Dexter have a conversation. How does it go down.

Round 3- Mind Games

All matches have the same scenario as the first round.

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Dexter, esther got owned by a regular mother and housewife. A detective/serial killer vigilantie is more than capable of taking her down.

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bump I think Esther could stir up some trouble

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Round 1- Dexter took down an armed opponent at gunpoint with a knife so if conflict was to happen, I believe Dexter could defeat her. That's for round 1, but I honestly believe Esther would take out some of Dexters family before he takes her out, being a good detective however, Dexter would catch on fairly early, but not without casualties seeing as he's lost loved ones before to people he had suspicions were a threat.

Round 2- I honestly wish I could see this.

Round 3- Dexters not as capable at mind games than Esther I believe seeing as her looks give her an advantage in the mind game department. Dexter has stayed under the radar for a long time though. I see him as a better detective than anything looking at the newer seasons, he almost blew his cover way to many times.