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The last copy of the Ubersweetmostkickassawesome is in one Game Store across the world. The Kids Next Door had been monitoring the shop for some while and had their Eye on the Game. Dexter had been too.
Suddenly Both combatants Pick up eachothers Signals and realize the other is tracking the Game. They both must use any vehicle they have to beat the other to the game store. Each are an hour away.
Combatants can battle along the way, or Battle at the game store
Dexter can make robots to help him

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Dexter pwns Sector V and then stages a coup to urusp power and become leader of KND.

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Dexter, his technology is more advanced than most of the KND and he wasn't that bad at fighting if I remember correctly.

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Dexter says Omelette du Fromage
fight over

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KND do have the numbers, and experience in tactile moves and battle strategies. Dex does have tech advantage because its not 2by4 technology, its actual tech. But their weaponry is based more off of actual fighting and battle,If they can keep up with Dexter then they have a chance, and seeing is how they routinely go to the moon i dont see why they cant....

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1) The KND are a highly-trained and coordinated team skilled in hand-to-hand and marksmanship

2) Even with his brains, Dex is just one guy. The KND will have each other's backs. Plus, even if Sector V fails, the rest of the KND can back them up

3) They've fought plenty of mechs in the past (the Delightful Children, Mr. Wink & Mr. Fibb, etc) and even have a few of their own. Don't underestimate 2x4 technology

4) Dexter will only take a head-on approach. The KND are skilled in stealth (Numbuh 5 especially) and are masters of disguise

Yeah, the Kids Next Door have this one in the bag.

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Dexter STOMPS. Only chance the KND have is if Dee Dee ruins it for Dexter. Dexter has better equipment and has fought much worse then the KND. All he needs is one of his many giant robots and this is over. Plus Dexter has teleporters and can travel in time so he could potentially never lose this race.

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Abrham Lincoln could literally stomp on them, but even if Dexter didn't resort to that, he still wins. They have never faced any mechs that were on the level of Dexter's own mech before, plus their mechs are pretty easy to beat (Bunny was a joke half the time). They do have numbers on him, and if they used their mechs and higher level technology to challenge him, they have a chance, but I still see Dexter taking the majority.

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Dexter and Dee Dee. Dee Dee would distract the kids while Dexter uses his tech to defeat him. 

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If this is the entire Kids Next Door, then they win. They would just overwhelm Dexter and Dee Dee.

If this is only Sector V (Numbuh 1-5) then they would put up a fight, but lose in the end.

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Dexter has mountain and asteroid busting mechs. GG KND.

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Dexter solos