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Dante is sent to hunt and kill a group of people he deems evil.

Has rebellion and ebony and ivory

Stage 1: Asura (soul eater)

Stage 2: Itatchi

Stage 3: Ghost-Rider

Stage 4: Doctor Doom

Stage 5: Regular Doomsday (doomsday is at 50% power)

Final Boss: Trigon

Bloodlust on

Morals off

Battle takes place in an indestructible abandon city with many buildings and a few skyscrapers

No prep for everyone else, dante has 30 min to prep and know the basics of his enemies:
(knows asura causes madness, knows itachi can cast illusions and has susanno, knows ghost-rider has penance stare, knows that dr doom knows magic, knows doomsday is very tough and knows that trigon is a high level demon)

Rebellion and ebony and ivory can hurt ghost-rider

Dante has access to: Swordmaster, tricksker, gunslinger, quicksilver, and royal guard (can change at will, but he must wait 10 seconds before he can switch again). He has 10 seconds to rest between each fight and know that he has to fight 6 people, one at a time. Has his devil trigger from DMC 4.

How far does he go?

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I don't know about Soul Eater but barring that I see Dante stopping at 5.

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Oh! It's you KnightofZero! And actually on second thought. What storyline is this Doomsday from?

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He's practically immune to physical damage due to Royal guard.

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At what level of power is Ghost Rider at?

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Stops at 5

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Dante stops at 5.

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Ghost rider is at base power with johny blaze in control. as for doomsday, lets go with doomsday from superman doomsday (his first apperance)