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Fight to the Death

Week Prep

Fight at Mishima Dujo

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DK & DJ win, DK d/f+2 ch + Ewgf launch and it's over for iron man. Hulk can't catch DJ he's way too quick for him. DJ will just laser him non stop


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What the Devils can do:

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I don't know who wins. Just in case someone asks what the Tekken guys can do.

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You know what? Stalemate.

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i will give it to team 2, because when team 1 meet, they will start to kill each other.

Team 2 will just watch.

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I think team 2 has the advantage here with a week of prep

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Team 2 STOMPS with a week prep, how are the devils going to kill Hulk? Tony will have a suit ready by that time.

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Whoever answered Devil Kazuya and Devil Jin would win needs a brain check. Iron Man or Hulk alone would destroy both of them easily even without a random encounter.

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Hulk and Iron Man wins 7/10

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Iron Man and Hulk wins. Their feats are far more formidable.

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Don't make me laugh please Iron Man or Hulk alone b**** slaps both Devil Jin and Devil Kazuya even without prep time.

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Team 2

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Iron Man and Hulk wins since their offensive and defensive powers are way higher.

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Devil Jin and Devil Kazuya?? LOL. Iron Man or Hulk alone would have no problem beating them.

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With or without prep time, Iron Man and Hulk wins.

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Hulk and Iron Man would win, but not easily.

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Standard Hulk and Stark with the Extremis armour could win after a decent fight, but anything above those respective levels and they win petty easily. The prep-time kinda gives Stark a very big advantage, so this is a bit one-sided.

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What a joke. Hulk and Iron Man wins even a random encounter match.

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Team 2 Murder stomps

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hulk smash!!!