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His name is Crayon-Man and here are his powers.


Crayon Healing-He can heal from any wound almost instantly one of his best feats is being thrown into the Sun and coming out perfectly healed.

Crayon Blast- He can shoot blasts of the light spectrum enabling him to take down foes like Silver Surfer with a 45% powered blast.

Crayon Speed-He can react and moves up to speeds of Mach 1000

Crayon Body- Harder than Adamantium. Tank blasts couldn't even pierce his skin.

Crayon Sense- Like Spideys spider sense only better! Can feel incoming danger 2 minutes before they happen


Master of the Crayon Martial Arts- He has developed his own fighting style combine with over 65 Martial Art styles plus his own Crayon style, able to take down foes like Deadpool and Batman with just skill alone with one arm behind his back

Braniac- He is able simulate over 9000 battle simulations before they even happen knowing most of the outcomes also defeated Sentry with just 2 hours of prep also beat Lucifer Morningstar in a game of cat and mouse fight knowing what will happen

Master Swordsman-Beat countless armies even before he got his powers with just 2 swords, soloed entire Bat-Family with just one sword

Weapons-Crayon Swords

Two swords that can cut through anything even sliced Wolverine in half. Also takes a part of your soul each time you are cut.


Big breasts are his #1 downfall often subdued by large breasted women this player is a sucker for good looking women and will drop everything he is doin to go and flirt unless bloodlusted

Crayon-Man is a heartless person and will do whatever he desires killing whoever for whatever reason he wants to.

Can you beat him!

RULES: No one above Void Sentry . No reality warpers. Your person has to have standard gear. Up to 3 characters may be used

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Wonder Woman

Carol Danvers

Silver Sable

New 52 Harley Quinn

Poison Ivy

I believe I win.

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Ghost Rider

Pamela Anderson

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Charles Xavier

Mind R8pe

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Harley quinn ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥