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Omega Like Beams: They can change direction, but only if she is standing still. Otherwise they go straight from her eyes. They move at 25 mph. They can teleport or burn stuff. In this battle she will opt for teleporting you to some faraway town in Siberia; unless you really tick her off. If they hit you are BFR'd. You lose.

Durability: She is durable enough to sustain a direct missile hit. Too many hits like that and she would be knocked out from the shockwaves.

Water manipulation: She can make water spouts big enough for her to stand on. She can use them offensively to rain down large volumes of water. She can also move through water very fast, even on top of it standing. Like fast as a car accelerates.

Speed On land she can run and accelerate as fast as a horse.

Strength: Can lift lift 8 tons MAX, not for long though, she would strain. 5 tons comes easy for her. So lifting cars is not a problem for her, as most are only 3 tons.

Battle location: Golden Gate Bridge above the ocean. You can flee the bridge if you want and run into town. Battle starts with her on a water spout 20 yards away from you with you on the bridge.


No telepathy

No Superman or like him.

No Insider Suit.

No God mode.

Use a street leveler


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Wally West. Unless you mean "like Superman" to mean anyone close to power in Superman.

edit: Oh you edited it to be a street leveler, welp.

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No flash guys.

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@lorbo: Percy Jackson, floods the bridge then send his Pegasus Blackjack after your OC. Then while she's distracted he'll stab her in the heart

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