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Okay, the idea of this thread is to make a team of 4 characters to beat the team above yours, then post a new team for someone else to beat.

There aren't really any rules except to try and make the fight as fair as possible, so no stomping. Try to make it so the team above you has at least a 2-3/10 chance of wining. Although, if you DO want to add some restrictions to your specific fight, you can feel free to do so (as long as they're reasonable)

Okay, I'll go first! My team:

And I'll add the restriction that the fight will only be physical attacks only (so no telepathy, mind control, etc)

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Superman, Batman, Thor, Flash

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Thanos, Void, Death Seed Sentry, Classic Dr Strange.

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Wolverine, Black Adam, Orion, Doomsday.

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That OP picture though.... it's so awesome.

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Nobody is even doing the thread right.

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This really turned to a look at this picture thread... But it is really cool

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Gold Amazo
Wally West
Dr. Strange
Franklin Richards.

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Superior Spider-man, Shazam, Deadpool, Loki.

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what if spiderman,martin manhunter,goku,luffy

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Midnighter, silver surfer, Vegeta, Law

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Ultimate Hawkeye, Wally, Bills, Shanks

Sonic, Mario, Kirby, Captain Falcon

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Naruto, Superman, Clear Note, and Sentry

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Larfleeze, Soul Fire Darkseid, Killer Bee, Nate Grey

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Man, people just DON'T like doing these threads properly, do they?

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Parallax Hal Jordan

White Lantern Sinestro

First Lantern

Jean Grey