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This team consists of:

- Olivia Dunham

- Peter Bishop

- Walter Bishop

Olivia Dunham Abilities/Feats

Pyrokinesis: - Wenting into a small supernova when she was a kid

- Controling a woman's body temperature

Electrokinesis: - Draining the energy of a whole city (I think it was Manhattan)

Telekinesis: - Throwing a car via telekinesis

- Stoping bullets in the air and throwing them back

- Opening The Machine's force fields

Healing: - Reviving herself from a fatal shot in her brain

Other abilities: - She is able to teleport between parallel universes

- Enhanced hearing

- She had enough energy to be used to create a universe

Peter Bishop Abilites/ Feats

The Machine: - Ability to create and destroy worlds or universes

- Ability to link parallel universes

- Depending on how it is used, it can rewrite time and erase people out of existence

- It rejects any outside interference once it's activated

Observer's Tech: - Small to medium distance teleportation

- Enhanced intellect at the point the he could calculate possible futures

- Ability to unlimited time-travel (although Peter didn't show this ability)

- Superhuman reflexes (able to catch bullets)

Other abilities/feats: - Genius level intelect

- Coming back to existence after being erased from it

Walter Bishop Abilities/Feats

- Genius level intelect

- Creating most of the Fringe Elements

- Creation of a portal to the parallel universe

- Creation of pocket universes

- Creation of The Machine

- Creation of Cortexiphan, which give's special abilities, like Olivia's

Fringe Elements (The ones I can remember)

Hallucinogenic drug: Creates hallucinations of butterflies that can cut you, if they cut you in your hallucination, the brain recreates the damage in the real world

Skin-Growth Toxin: Makes someone's skin grow, closing the body's opening and killing the person via asphyxiation

Anti-Gravity Osmium Bullets: Will make you fly :)

Crystalizing Toxin: Able to crystallizy the body

Melting Toxin: Just like an acid, it can easily melt most of things

Amber 31422: A gas that quickly turns into solid and very resistant amber, even able to reject time effects


- Morals On

- Win by K.O or kill

- 20 minutes of preparation

- Regular knowledge of each other

- Fight happens in New York City

- Olivia and Peter have full control over their powers

- No Omnipotents, Speedsters, Telepathy, Preparation Masters...

- No one that can solo

- Your team may have up to 3 people

- Please don't use anyone that you know you shouldn't be using

Begin :)

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Rune King Thor, Silver Surfer and Chaos War Hercules

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@mythologico4 said:

@the_lunact_and_manic: Care to explain why, please?


CW Hercules (Thanks to @powerherc, because..you know..Google+Comicvine>>My memories)

  • When his power, as God of Gods, was beyond sky-father level Hercules was able to teleport, fly and emit energy blasts from his hands and eyes.
  • He was able to grant others powers like he did when he gave every hero on Earth the power of flight.
  • Hercules normal level of physical power was also amped to the such a high degree that even taking a step caused massive shock waves and cratering of the ground he walked upon. He was also able to kill his resurrected, Chaos King-empowered father, Zeus (who had just taken Galactus down with minimal effort), with but one strike.
  • His strength and power was also such that he was able to confront, physically engage and scatter the entire membership of Council of Godheads at the same time.
  • He teleported Galactus from across the cosmos to fight for his cause and he summoned Eternity himself (attempting to enlist him, too), against the will of both.
  • Hercules' durability was such that when he was attacked and seemingly fatally wounded by his Chaos-King empowered sister, Athena, he showed no sign of pain and healed instantly.
  • Hercules was able to grow in size and presence to a plantetary-scale and then engage the Chaos King (the being whom possessed the combined power of literally every godly pantheon and every dead soul that had ever existed anywhere in the universe from the beginning of time) and match him stength for strength and fight him to a standstill.
  • Finally, once the threat of the Chaos King was ended, the power of Sky-father Hercules was such that he was able to undo everything the Chaos King had done. Including restoring every destroyed planet & realm and resurrecting every being or entity that had perished at the Chaos King's hands. Unfortunately for Hercules, do to him being severely wounded in his final battle with the Chaos King and unwilling to wait until he healed from his wounds, this final act of universal restoration used up every bit of his godly might including his usual, previous non-sky-father powers.

Rune King Thor

  • Killed TWSAS (Guys above Odin)
  • Destroyed Loki's army
  • Erased Mangog from existence
  • That's it...he only had appeared in..like..5 issues..at max..

Silver Surfer

  • Can create black holes out of nowhere
  • Faster than light
  • Cosmic Awareness
  • Can atomize his enemies/Molecular Manipulation
  • That's enough

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@racob7: What are their powers and feats?

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@mythologico4: They are masters of time travel and have advanced enough technology to challenge the Time Lords.

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@racob7: What are their weaknesses? I think i read somewhere they are weak agaisn't high level fire. In that case case, couldn't Olivia supernova them, or drain their energy, use one of the Fringe Elements like Amber? Peter could also calculate the future to know what they would do, and him and Walter are more than enough smart to think of a counter-attack to almost anything

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