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My Team consist of 7 of the best archers in comics.

  1. Hawkeye (Clint Barton)
  2. Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
  3. Merlyn (Dark Arrow)
  4. Red Arrow (Roy Harper)
  5. Connor Hawke
  6. Zartan
  7. Storm Shadow

Find a team of Street-Level fighters or lower to defeat my team! Chose up to 7 fighters, if needed! My team each has their standard equipment.


The Red arrows show the locations of each of my team members. The Blue start is where your team will begin.

Location info:

The Roofs each have two crates of arrows, the balcony and fire escape both have one crate of arrows. Inside the doorways are any small handheld weapons your team will need, and limited ammo, if needed!


Your team needs to reach the roofs, by defeating each member of my team either by KO or death. Morals are off for both teams! Explain how your team wins! Other then that just have fun!

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My Team:

Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)

Ultimate Hawkeye

Venom (Flash)

Black Widow


Mister X

Snake Eyes


Hawkeye Vs. Bucky Barnes: Bucky Wins. Bucky has better hand to hand feats. And Bucky has already caught a number of Hawkeyes arrows and shot them out of the air. Also he can easily just deflect them with his cybernetic arm.

Green Arrow Vs. Ultimate Hawkeye: Ultimate Hawkeye wins. I have never read a issue where he has missed. Also Nuke arrow.

Merlyn Vs. Venom (Flash): Venom Wins. I really don't have to explain this one. He then goes helps Snake Eyes.

Red Arrow Vs. Black Widow: Black Widow wins. Better hand to hand fighter and better feats.

Connor Hawke Vs. Taskmaster: I really don't know much about Connor other then he is one of top H2H fighter in DC. But Taskmaster is a team villain so he can hold off Connor until someone comes helps.

Zartan Vs Mister X: Mister X wins. I really don't have to explain this one either. Then goes helps Taskmaster.

Strom Shadow Vs. Snake Eyes: This is the Hardest one but Snake Eyes wins because he will get help from one of his teammates.

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@ThexX: It's a good team, and they'd probably win, but I don't see Mister X defeating Zartan easily. Zartan has always been unpredictable, plus knows probably about the same number of fighting styles as Mister X. Zartan's ability to change form and camouflage into his surroundings, would also give him a high advantage over Mister X. I think Mister X could probably stand toe to toe with Zartan, until someone else can help him out.

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@TheBane2890: Mister X is a low-level psychic. He can easily predict the moves of his opponents which gives him an advantage in hand-to-hand combat. Mister X is a master of every martial art known to man and has even attempted to create his own. He is highly efficient in using swords and many other weapons. He's a murdering sociopath who savors the death of other people at his own hands. (Sorry about the copy and paste but this is Mister X Power Set.

Even with knowing all those fighting styles Mister X will just predict the moves with ease. The only problem I can see Mister X having is Zartan change form an camouflaging. If Mister X gets a lock on him its over.

P.S: Great thread.

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@ThexX: I know Mister X is a bada** when it comes to fighting, I just don't see him getting the uperhand on Zartan due to Zartan's abilities! I kind of picture a Predator type scene where Zartans opponents drop, but they can't find him!

@ThexX: said:

P.S: Great thread.


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@TheBane2890: Damn I just looked him up. And I didn't know he was that badass. I just remember him from all the G.I. Joe cartoons.

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@ThexX: Yeah, those cartoons really didn't do a good portrayal of the comic versions of anyone! I always liked Zartan because of how controversial his first action figure was. Parents had thought that GI Joe was making fun of people who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and multiple personality disorders, since his file card mentioned he had them. Those details however just made Zartan so much more dangerous since he was a highly skilled assassin, that was unpredictable! I think the show Heroes even took some of Zartan to design Sylar!

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AoA nightcralwer



n52 midnighter (much more watered down than he was in WS)



Blink (exiles)

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Daredevil,,batman,,Spider-Man,,,Taskmaster,,deathstroke,,deadpool,, black panther

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@SoA: @Bane_of_sith: Explain how your teams win

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brit is invincible so he acts as a scout , wolvie, beast , midnighter all have some type of super senses to know something is up: hearing , scents , etc (and to some degree a healing factor) once the action starts the archers will have the ground force (wolverine , midnighter , brit , and beast ) pinned down , vanisher , blink , and nightcrawler , bamf , vvttt, and blink their way to victory by 'porting and and snapping your teams' necks even if they cannot get everyone the initial ambush will be enough for feral fighters to heal and rip apart the remaining archers . one on one storm shadow would be a threat (saw he was on team a little too late) but after the mentioned attack , no matter how flippin cool he is , i do not see him taking down everyone so sheer numbers take him if not just brit . lol

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DD deflects bullets with ease and catches arrows like its pollen blowing in the wind,,and Matt's h2h skills blow Clint away...his agility and senses will help him easily close the gap and destroy hawkeye...Batman is also seen casually deflecting and avoiding bullets which move much faster than arrows,,Bruce is a much greater fighter than Ollie as well,,both Bruce and Matt can disappear without a trace in plain sight so stealth will help them as well..Spider-Man's extreme agility and spider sense will help him deal with merlyn,,with his webs it shouldn't be too hard..taskmaster could easily handle Roy Harper,,,he's a team buster,,Connor hawke isn't beating deathstroke,,he's too mart and much more skilled,,I personally think deadpool could beat mister-x,,,his healing factor and insane speed and skill will get him a relatively fast win,,t'challa could beat snake eyes IMHO,,his vibranium suit and extreme intelligence will help him strategize and remain impervious to most attacks,,,honestly most of the members of my team will win very quickly,,with particular emphasis on daredevil,batman,deathstroke, and taskmaster,,,and all of them will be able to join the rest in their respective battles,,,though my team should sweep this pretty quick

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Fatomex/ Thread