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The Boogey Man has been walking the Earth or millennia, constantly plaguing mankind, feeding off their fears and using his abilities to influence the world to suit his own devices or sometimes just to see what would happen.

He's powers range from teleportation, shape shifting (into whatever his horrible mind can think up, however the bigger the thing he shape shifts into the faster he uses up his personal fear reserves) , He can see your nightmares and become them as he is fighting you, he can also make those nightmares play in your mind constantly. He can manipulate your shadow to come alive and start fighting you however the more shadow fighters he makes the faster he weakens.He can also manipulate shadows around him work as apendages, make shields and weapons and can use them to "fly" much like sue storm does.

He carries a small alcohol flask full of the fear of humans and other beings, the more powerful the being is that he feeds on the more potent his "swig" becomes. One sip will sustain him at base level for around 3 hrs, and at 100 percent for 30 min.

His strength is around 70 tons at base level but can amp himself well into 100 ton range if he has recently fed. This includes taking a swig from his flask. His reaction time is femto-second however he cannot run at flash speeds just react to them. He has a healing factor at deadpool level and can regrow body parts in seconds including his head. any severed body parts can grow into a second version of him which is controlled by his mind.

He is a dimension shifter and can quickly move between them as he sees fit. His soul has long been erased from the books of Life (heaven) and Damnation(hell) so he does not feel remorse nor is he subject to servants of either side Angels or Demons.

You can build a team of 5 people below skyfather level to take on "Dear Ole Uncle Boogey" as he calls himself.

Good Luck!

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@neongamewave: Who is the first and third?

The first character is Skulduggery Pleasant from the novel series of the same name and the third character is Black Star from the anime/manga series Soul Eater.

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Ghost Rider FTW?

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I wouldn't want to defeat this guy. I'd give him one of these:

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I'd say, Broly, Buu, SSJGod Goku since these guys are claimed by many to not be Sky Fathers

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Boogey, cause hes so scary

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@allstarsuperman: Whats to stop any of this team from being BFR'd in a femto-second?

@celtic: Good Idea, I would throw him on a team but seeing as Boogey's soul has been erased. Hellfire can't burn it nor will pennace stare work so he's definately not soloing Boogey.

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@rd2race: Interesting. I have some ideas, but I need to go to bed. I'll be back to play tomorrow=)

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@rd2race said:

@allstarsuperman: Whats to stop any of this team from being BFR'd in a femto-second?

The Doctor has taken down multiversal threats. Goku has instant transmission anyway. Superman is so fast that even if you BRF him he will be back in like 2 seconds. Ben 10 can be a PIS machine using Alien X. And Rocky is there for pure awesome encouragement.