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Morals on, bloodlust off.

You get the chance to have 1 team.

4 characters maximum, 1 minimum.

Your team must last for 5 minutes.

Planet level only. No time travelers, no time warpers or manipulators, no prep masters such as Doctor Doom, Lex Luthor, Batman, etc.

Random encounter.

Original equipment

mild BFR.

1 hour prep.


The hive, it's much bigger, like city size this is the best pic I could find though.

The beautiful Ziuress, Empress, Queen, supreme ruler of all bees of all relams and universes.

The hive: She has dominence over ALL actions of bees, ALL, in all Universes, realms, etc. It is all connected to one main hive, she lives in the hive and is most strong there. All bees are connected to "The hive" thus their minds are protected from any type of assault. This is the same for her, her mind is protected from any telepathic assault, Mind control, etc. Her shields are unbreakable.

Summoning bees: She can call bees, giant bees the size of a skyscraper, small but deadly bees, all to her aid with a thought.

Durability: She can stand in the middle of Lava burning at 8 million degrees farinhiet and survive. She can be hit by 4 Neculear Missles and still be able to stand. Bullets, Military weapons, Tomahawks she can tank. She can also tank Thunderclap and Hulk's punch.

Stingers: She has giant stingers she can use. All kinds, actually. Her stingers are shaped like thorns, she can have one the size of an Airplane, one the size of a Skyscraper, etc. She can have them be poisonious projectiles, explosive projectiles, stingers that incase an entire city/group of people in honey, making it impossible for them to move.

Honey: She can manipulate honey and use it to her will. She can shape it into a sharp object, turn the ground around her into honey, incasing an enemy in it, then boiling the honey, thus boiling the opponet. She can try to force honey down the enemies's nose. Once she does that, thousands of bees will grow inside if the opponet and rip him apart.

Venom: She can shoot Venom from her eyes and her hands.

Hive take: She can try to incase a being in honey and morph that being into one of her servants, a giant, human like Bee. This is called Hive take. If she succeeds, you go straight to the hive for your duties.

Hive protection: The hive protects her from attacks such as Draining, magical bolts, etc.

Honey combs: She can shoot explosive honeycombs or entangiling ones that trap people in a web of money.

I've given you a summary, you may begin.

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Human Torch



Pyro kills the bee's and burns the honey

Superman attack her 1on1

Torch and Goku helps Supes

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ice man, katara, icy and, danny phantom = super freeze ray

'nuff said

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The moment Superman, Goku and Torch go towards her, she'll conceal herself invisible with honey, then shoot a net of honey around them. It will be inbreakable. While Pyro is fighting the bees, distracted, she manipulates the ground into a swirl of honey then consumes all 3 into the swirl. They turn into bees, when Pyro gets done all 3 of them come out, and fight Pyro and human torch, resulting in a win.

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@shadowpro: The ground turns into honey and consumes Katara.

Danny Phantom is attacked by bee ghosts, as is the rest of your team.

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A) How do you become invisible with honey?

B) Superman blast/freezes/Superblows it away

C) She'll be to distracted by the others

D) Fire melts honey

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1. She has the ability to magically manipulate it. There's a energy over the honey. That is how.

2. Not if his mouth is concealed by the honey, and he is encased in a cube of it.

3. No, she won't. She'll simply summon her minions to deal with the others.

4. Indeed, it does, but since she can magically manipulate honey what's stopping her from putting an amp on it? To be more resistent to flames?

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  1. Ok
  2. But that wouldn't happend considering he has many ways to avoid it
  3. Bee's? Flipping bee? They're weak to fire
  4. Logic, but i guess nothing
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@joewell: You need to understand something. You could say Superman would win to a zombie. But, what if that Zombie has a magical enchantment over itself that is resistant to Superman's attacks? He can't do anything. Plus, giant honey bees, ghost/spirit wasps, etc. This is fantasy. Logic doesn't apply here.

Once cement is pourn over you, it quickly goes into rock. That's what the honey mouth thing is like.

Again, ghost wasps, giant wasps (the size of skyscrapers).

4. LOGIC? This is fantasy! FANTASY!

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danny has fought with swarms of insects before, and he can turn intangible and invisible so the the bees wont find him and he can release his teammates, also ghostly wail + explosive snowball with duplication + bloodbending or overshadowing = nuff said

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@kingjohnrocks: Kitty Pryde solos with ease. I don't even need the prep.