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Cisco Jr.

Small Background

An old Mexican druglord trying to get back on his feet has been given the option to truly take control by a powerful ghost. Not only over the drug game, but also the world, and all he has to do is take the new persona of Cisco Kid, Cisco Jr.

Powers & Skills

Eagle Eye: Slows perspective of the world to a turtles pace, allowing him mach 5 reaction speed. It also boost his accuracy to that of Bullseye. Cons being that a man living in a turtle pace world wants to get out sooner or later, and that probably means sooner. Also if he's hit, his focus is lost and so are the eagle eye effects.

Instinct: Grants him the ability to have slight knowledge on his opponents. Just enough knowledge to know how much of a threat each one of them is.

Super Strength: His peak strength is 25 tons.

Super Durability: His natural defense is that of Military Jeep.

Super Speed: Even without Eagle eye, he's still casually reacting to bullets.

Super Agility: He has the agility of Beast.


*Note: All equipment can be removed / disarmed if you have a character that can do that.

Hard Poncho: The Poncho Cisco Jr. wears is a LOT more durable than he is, and was able to resist the cut of an adamantium blade used by a NORMAL human (anyone with 5 tons of force behind an adamantium or object of equal power can still cut through it though). It also protects extremely well to extreme weather effects, explosives, and blunt force (up to 25 tons of it). Though after a while, extreme heat and cold can affect him, and a clear shot to the face can still take him out.

Mental Sombrero: So he can't be taken out to easily by mental attacks, Cisco's Jr Sombreo prevents all forms of telepathy and for some odd reason, telekinesis.

Cisco Revolvers: Made by the ghost of Cisco Kid himself, the revolvers never run out of ammo or need to be reloaded. They also unload bullets 3 times faster than a normal revolver, and the bullets cancel out all types of Precognition. The bullets are magical in nature, and have easily matched adamantium in toughness.


First Team

A set of 5 pure street levelers. (Peak human for max stats, and only powers that aren't too impressive, ya dig?)

They just have to hold him off for two hours, and then they can step back and let the second team handle it

Second team

A set of 3 city levelers. (around Spider-man/ Wolverine level. Everyone here has common sense. plus i have minimal time, i'll put in more details if you want them tomorrow).

The second team has to ko Cisco Jr. within 30 minutes, or it's a win for Cisco Jr.


Battle takes place in a jungle.

The 1st team can ambush him, but he's expecting an attack from all sides.

The 2nd team is taking him head first.

Morals on for all you team members.

If it's necessary i'll be adding more details tomorrow.

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The Zohan could beat your character.

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@king_saturn: There's a few more things needed to be added, but even so, the Zohan would get merced. Same for any single street leveler and city leveler, i'll be updating later today though.