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Try to defeat my Character. My character has arrived on earth and wants to fight its greatest champion. If the champion loses an unstoppable army will destroy the earth. U can pick any character from any comic universe. No omnipotent galactus level beings.

Pick one character to face me. My character has all of these abilities and the same level of skill wielding them as the character below.

My character has the intelligence level Reed Richards

Immune to telepathy

He possesses quasars quantum bands

silver surfers portion of the power cosmic

Captain Americas fighting skills

Black adams physical attributes

Dr. Dooms magical abilities

Magnetos mastery of the electromagnetic spectrum

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odinforce thor

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As I see no dip... and even if you had it every trap that's ever been set for him blows up in the trapsters face (Think of it as a mutant ability).....Roadrunner....... His record remains unblemished.(I Bet there's a comic that's been drawn somewhere sometime with him in it.)

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Batman with prep

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Doom without magic is still pretty awesome.

Who Dares?

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