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  • no morals
  • fight to the death
  • dstroke gets 2 pistols 3 throwing knives and one katana
  • sub zero gets one katana
  • winner gets to perform a fatality lol
  • and sub doesn't need armor he has taken the scorpion get over here a million times i think he can handle a pistol
  • pre 52
  • MK9 Sub Zero
Sub zero
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Deathstroke has this, but Sub Zero's ice powers will be very problematic.

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Has been done before.

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Been done.

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Deathstroke in a good fight would win. Don't know, Subzeros freezing abilities might slow him down.

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I'm convinced most people on this site take somebody else's post, re-word it a bit, and then try to pass it off as though it were their opinion and they knew what each character was capable of.

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Deathstroke stomps anyway

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Was done one the same day...lol!